Bobing 13+1BB Metal Spinning Fishing Reel



  • Top-quality metal fishing spinning reel;
  • Convenient and easy-carrying;
  • Sturdy thick bail wire, wearing-resistant;
  • Large capacity aluminum alloy line cup;
  • Practical with its anti-reverse design;
  • Stable performance, good durability and smoothness;
  • Fully adjustable front drag system, powerful casting control;
  • Cool delicate metal handle, for maximum comfort;
  • CNC Machined left/right interchangeable rocker arm with lock screw cap;
  • Perfect for anglers and suitable for river, pond, lake, carp sea fishing, etc.




The Bobing 13 + 1BB Metal Spinning Fishing Reel is a nice addition to your fishing arsenal. A convenient and easy casting fishing reel, the Bobing metal spinning fishing reel is sturdy. It’s thick bail wire is built solid is resistant to continuous usage and wearing. Perfect for anglers and suitable for river, pond, lake and sea fishing, this metal spinning fishing reel has a fully adjustable front drag system combined with a powerful casting control. With its anti-reverse design, the Bobing metal spinning reel is practical for left or right casting. Add to this its adjustable front drag system and you’re set for a great fishing experience. The metal handle is cleek and well designed for maximum comfort on the retrieve. A great reel to install on your favorite fishing rod, the Bobing 13 + 1BB metal spinning fishing reel is top quality.

Model Specifications: 

No Series
1# 9000 series
2# 10000 series
3# 11000 series
Brand Name Bobing
Item Type Fishing Spinning Reel
Material High strength PA66 plastic+Metal
Model 9000 Series, 10000 Series, 11000 Series
Gear Ratio 4.7:1
Ball Bearings 13+1
Color Black gold, black red


Additional information

Weight 1.66 lbs



1#, 2#, 3#


Gold, Red


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