Best crankbait for shallow water

How many times have you bought a crankbait for shallow water from a brand which claimed that its fishing tackle is the best of all time and ended up throwing it in the trash after a couple of uses?!

That is why we gathered the best of crankbait for shallow water available on the market and made you in-depth research on their features, performance, advantages, and disadvantages to help you select the product that is going to meet your needs, expectations, and satisfaction.

You will be happy to know that we didn’t only research our products but also tried most of them ourselves. 

Comparison Table

Best crankbait for shallow water Features In [currentyear]

Bestseller No. 1
Basskiller Crankbaits Fishing Lures,Square Bill Crankbait,Bass Fishing Lure,Floating Erratic Action Muskie Fishing Lures,3D Eyes Fishing Gear Trout Lure for Shallow Water,Freshwater,Saltwater
  • 【Squarebill Crankbait】Basskiller Squarebill Crankbait is Perfect for shallow water power fishing. The square bill design and unique action will constantly “wander” with erratic action while still running true. It also helps deflect off the cover to entice strikes.
  • 【Durability Of ABS】Basskiller bass lures freshwater body is made of high strength ABS,maintaining the durability of fishing lures and making crankbait able to maneuver through timber, rocks, and other obstructions with increased efficiency.
  • 【3D Eyes & Attractive Colors】Fitted with holographic 3D eyes and available in highly detailed colors, the Basskiller Squarebill Crankbaits deliver a durable construction that is able efficiently navigate sticky cover in search of big bass. They can go where other crankbaits can’t and get a lot of bites.
  • 【Sharp Treble Hooks】Dressed with sharp treble hooks, basskiller Squarebill Crankbait offers an outstanding hookup ratio. If you’re running shallow water and prefer a subsurface power technique fishing, the squarebill crankbaits might be for you.
  • 【Wide Fishing Species】The bass fishing lures can be widely used to catch bass, yellow perch, walleye, pike, muskie, roach, trout, snook. salmon etc. Basskiller Squarebill Crankbait is quite suitable for both saltwater and freshwater.
Bestseller No. 2
YONGZHI Fishing Lures Shallow Deep Diving Swimbait Crankbait Fishing Wobble Multi Jointed Hard Baits for Bass Trout Freshwater and Saltwater-Type A
  • BEST BASS LURES-Crankbaits are one of the most commonly used bass lures. Crankbaits come in shallow crankbait and deep diving crankbait for your choice.
  • BRILLIANT COLORS:Unbelievable spectrum of colors and realistic crankbait with lifelike bait fish swimming action to attract fishes which can be used in both saltwater and freshwater.
  • METAL BALL INSIDE:With steel ball inside,Control barycenter easily,cast far.Noise model design,make fishing lures more easily to be sensed.
  • WIDE RANGE OF APPLICATIONS-Crankbaits can be effective just about anywhere there are bass; steep rocky banks and ledges, broad shallow flats, near grass beds, and over and around brush and stumps.
  • EASY TO USE-While the basic method of fishing crankbaits is quite simple; cast it out far and crank it back in, A fat body crankbait features a wide wobbling action while the flat model runs in a tight wiggling action.there are a few tricks we can learn from the pros to use crankbaits more effectively.
Bestseller No. 3
Sunrise Angler Crankbaits | Shallow Square Bill | Deep Diver | Jointed | Lipless Fishing Lures for Bass, Trout Freshwater and Saltwater (Klash- Red Craw, 2.5)
  • SQUARE BILL CRANKBAIT- Ideal for shallow water and power fishing, the lure is designed to imitate the swimming action of baitfish.
  • ULTRA SHARP HOOKS- Two durable, high quality, and extremely sharp #4 Origin treble hooks. The Origin hook has a long-lasting finish and is perfectly sized for this lure.
  • PERFECT FEATURES- 3D holographic eyes and a premium hand painted texture making the lure really stand out.
  • FIXED BALL- There are two fixed balls within the inner structure of the lure that will create a high-pitched rattle and mimic baitfish.
  • SMOOTH DIVE- With its square bill, this lure can go from floating on the surface of the water into a smooth dive down to a depth of between 2 and 4 feet.
Bestseller No. 4
Norman Lures Mad N Fat-Bodied Shallow-Diving Crankbait Bass Fishing Lure, Freshwater Fishing Accessories, 2" 3/8 oz, Lavender Shad
  • Fat-bodied and shallow diving lure
  • Mad N is prime pick when you need to imitate a panicked baitfish
  • Flared gills and 3D eyes add to the realism
  • Coffin lip keeps you cranking instead of hanging up
  • Dimensions: 2 inches long, 3/8 ounces, 6 treble hook size
SaleBestseller No. 5
Pelican Mate Crankbaits for Bass Fishing Shallow Diving Fishing Lures Topwater Swimbaits Freshwater and Saltwater 1.5’’/0.2 oz (Green)
  • 1.[Multi-part Featured] - This crankbait is featured with a spoon, a feathered hook and a tail spinner. The feathered hook makes them look like the lure is swimming when you move it forward, and it makes a subtle tail-like movement when it’s sitting still.
  • 2.[Fantastic Swimming Action] - It can shake really fast when you are retrieving it, although it’s a small minnow lure but it has the top real movement I’ve ever seen.
  • 3.[Beautiful Coating] - The lure is made of antioxidant and anti-corrosion material, it’s not only having a good looking, but it’s also useful by reflecting more lights to be easily catching the attention of fish. In addition, this crankbait has two fluorescent eyes can glowing in dark.
  • 4.[Mostly for Freshwater] - From cold water species such as trout and salmon, to warm water fish like bass, pike, walleye, perch and panfish, a properly selected crankbait can often be one of the most important lures in an angler's tackle box.
  • 5.[Professional Assurance] - If you are not satisfied with our fishing lures, please feel free to contact us and we will reply you in 24 hours!
Bestseller No. 6
Heddon Swim'N Image Shallow-Running Crankbait Fishing Lure, 3 Inch, 7/16 Ounce, Fire Tiger
  • Shallow-running crankbait resembles a 3-inch threadfin shad
  • Wide wobble that swims where many other lures cannot
  • Particularly effective in shallow water, especially in rivers along riffles and along the top of wing dams
  • Cast and retrieve with erratic action simulating a wounded baitfish
  • Dimensions: 3 inches, 7/16 ounces, #6 treble hook
Bestseller No. 7
Shallow Crankbaits Fishing Lures Set - 7pcs Plastic Minnow Lures with Sharp Treble Hooks and Feathers for Bass Trout Saltwater Freshwater Fishing
  • QUANTITY: 7pcs crankbaits hard fishing lures kit.
  • DURABLE: The shallow crankbait features tough construction and sharp hook for explosive results, all designed to stand up to the most voracious species.
  • LIFELIKE: With 3D simulation eye, detailed fish skin texture, beautiful feather tail and bright colors. These hard fishing lures are very attractive to fish.
  • STEEL BALLS: Streamlined lure body greatly reduces drag in the water, inside steel balls allowing the crankbait to plunge quickly into water, as well as a rattle to further entice bass.
  • EASILY USE: Cast it out far and crank it back in, the crankbait starts to swim in a realistic way. The crankbaits are perfect for bass, trout, pike, grouper, catfish, perch, and other various fishes.
Bestseller No. 8
LENPABY 7pcs/lot Shallow Diving Crankbait Fishing Lures Fresh Water Bass Walleye Crappie Hard Bait Fishing Tackle 9cm/3.54"/11.8g
  • [Fishing Method]:Freshwater Fishing, Sea Fishing, Lure Fishing
  • [Fishing]:Practical fishing accessories, you can enjoy fishing with your family members.
  • Floating & Diving Crank Bait Lures
  • cast far.Noise model design,make crank baits more easily to be sensed.
  • [Species]:Suitable for different kinds of fishes, wonderful tools for fishing lovers.
Bestseller No. 9
6th Sense Fishing Movement 80X Shallow Water Crankbait (Custom Bluegill)
  • Lenth: 78mm or 3.1in Long
  • Weight: 5/8oz
  • Dives: 1-3ft
  • Hook Size: #2 (Both Front & Back)
Bestseller No. 10
SunMine 5pcs Fishing Lures 2.76in/0.57oz Fishing Bass Lures VIB Lure Shallow Swimbait Crankbait with Treble Hook 3D Fishing Eyes for Bass Trout Freshwater and Saltwater
  • 5pcs FISHING LURES: 5 different color lures in one set, each lure in 2.76inch length, 0.57oz weight
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: Fishing baits adopt sharp 2 treble stainless steel hooks, 3D lifelike eyes, durable ABS material
  • WIDELY APPLICABLE: Widely used for catching all kinds of fishes such as catfish, perch, bass, redfish, trout, bream, muskie, roach and so on. Freshwater and saltwater are both available
  • METAL GRAVITY BALL INSIDE: Built-in gravity balls help cast the lure further and the balls can make noises to attract the fishes
  • SHARP TREBLE HOOKS: Equipped with 2 sharp treble hooks that can catch fish easily when they strike the lure

How To Choose the Best Fishing Tackle?

Okay, let me tell you that if you are fully aware of the necessary specifications of the crankbait for shallow water you need, getting yourself the best fishing tackle products won’t be rocket science.

But the point is that getting this full awareness isn’t easy, it needs a lot of effort and time to research and try till you finally find the fishing tackle product that meets your needs.

And since we know that having free time in this modern world is such a hard thing, we have done the research and trials for you.  All you need to do is to check out these few effective quick tips that will help you become a smart customer from the comfort of your boat!


Finding out the best crankbait for shallow water brand is almost half of your purchasing journey, so we enlisted various fishing tackle brands with a wide variety of features and specifications to suit your fishing needs. 

You are going to come across some popular brands that might be costly, but in return, you won’t have to worry about the quality of their fishing tackle products at all! 

They will offer you the durability, functionality, and convenience that will take your fishing experience to the next level.

Working Mechanism

If you are a beginner fisherman or a hobbyist, and it is the first time you are buying a spinning reel or gear you have to check the working mechanism of the reel before you buy it. 

How to do so? It is not a big deal! Just watch a couple of videos on YouTube or read the user manual online.

What if you are an old user and willing to buy a different spinning real of the same brand?  In which case, checking if any upgraded version got released is a great idea.

while if you are planning to get a fishing reel from another brand, checking the working mechanism is going to help a lot. If you found it convenient and easy to use, then go ahead!


There are some features that you will find in every crankbait for shallow water from different brands, and that is what’s known as “the essential features”. while there are other features uniquely available in particular fishing tackle brands. 

So, you need to determine the features you need in the fishing tackle to make sure it meets your needs. For example, if you go for larger fish, you need to look for equipment that features anti-reverse gear for a high level of security.

If you go fishing in deep water you need to look for a fishing reel that has a large Line capacity. And if you go fishing in saltwater you need to select a fishing reel that is highly corrosive resistant.


There are a few elements that determine the price of the crankbait for shallow water , like the brand, size, and special specifications.

Low prices do have a unique charm, and the fact is most of us usually go with the lowest price. 

But unfortunately, we are not always lucky, and we might end up having a horrible fishing tackle product because a high-quality product won’t be available at a very low price. Right?!

Customer Reviews

Here is what makes some customers smarter than others; “Reading the customer reviews.”

Many customers review the fishing equipment they got and their experience with it.  You will come across some detailed reviews, including photos, pros, cons, and whether that customer is going to buy this product again or not.

So, to avoid any disappointment and to get a realistic idea about the product you are willing to buy, we highly recommend checking a few reviews from 5-stars to 1-star levels. 

And if you found that the positive reviews are higher than the negative ones, you have the green light.

Pros and Cons

If you are too busy to read full reviews about the crankbait for shallow water , the pros and cons section is your lifesaver! It will save you lots and lots of time and effort. 

You can take a quick look at the pros and cons of the product on different sites, social media, and customer reviews.

Warranty and Customer Care Service

Unfortunately, not all brands and companies provide a reliable customer care service. In fact, some brands don’t take any responsibility after your purchase is made, even if the warranty period is not expired yet.

To avoid such hassle, you need to get your crankbait for shallow water from a trusted seller and make sure that you will be getting repairment or replacement in case of getting a faulty product.

Now you have an overall idea about the fishing tackle products available on the market right now. So, when you start purchasing online or offline, you will have enough confidence that will keep you away from getting overwhelmed by the wide variety of fishing equipment and their attractive specifications and design. 


All in all, to make sure you buy one of the best and most functional fishing equipment on the market, you need to decide whether you need a fancy product with fancy features from an expensive brand. Or you just want to get an affordable product with the essential features that get the job done.

You need to take a look at the customer reviews to check if crankbait for shallow water ” is going to meet your expectations and requirements or not. And if you are as busy as a bee, you can only take a glance at the pros and cons of the fishing equipment you are willing to buy.

Last but not least, you need to make sure that the seller you will get your product from provides consistent and reliable customer service. And it goes without saying that you have to get a product that comes with a long warranty.

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