Fall Fishing Patterns to Catch Bass

Fall fishing is a great opportunity to catch fish that went silent over the summer. One of those species is the largemouth bass. If you’re looking for tips during the fall fishing season, you are at the right place. We have lined some of the best advices aimed at helping you catch more largemouth bass. … Read more

Different types of fishing reels

10 Types of Fishing Reels – The Complete Guide

Each type of fishing reel has unique features and characteristics. That serves better for different styles of fishing techniques. mainly, there are 10 types of fishing reels available on the market. but 4 of them are very popular and required by the professional anglers and the rest are still newly introduced to the market. Different … Read more

How to choose a fishing reel

How to Choose a Fishing Reel

Fishing Reels are a crucial instrument whether you are fishing on a lake, pond, river or sea. A fishing reel is a mechanical device that holds and spools out fishing line. It has a brake to slow running fish, a handle to retrieve line and a bracket to fasten the fishing reel to the rod. … Read more

surf casting basics for beginners

Surf Casting Basics for Beginners

Surf fishing is a time-honored method of fishing that’s been enjoyed by landlubbers for decades. While gear and tackle have seen significant advancements since the days of the cane pole, much of the technique and strategy remain the same. This post will cover surf casting basics for beginners who are ready to hit the suds. … Read more


How to find a fishing place near you

The gear is packed up, the rods are rigged, and the weather is perfect. You’re ready for a fun-filled day of fishing, but you’re not sure where to go. Maybe you’re looking to try somewhere new or you’re visiting a new city, but you found yourself frantically wondering how to find a fishing place near … Read more