Five Flies for February 2019 – Winter Fly Fishing on the Colorado River…

February is here! It’s the last full month of real winter fishing for much of Colorado’s major rivers. As we progress through the month, a wider variety of aquatic insects will start to become increasingly more active. With that, comes a wider variety of bugs that can bring you success, especially on freestones. Exercise patience and persistence on freestones and you can be rewarded with quality fishing.

“You’re gonna fight through some slush, that type of stuff, but it’s gonna open up throughout the day. You’re gonna find some hot time frames and once you do you find a run you find some fish you can pretty much stick there all day and move up and down. You’ll catch the fish pretty consistently…. Just work that run, keep working it…. The first fly for February is the go-to Prince Nymph, a great attractor pattern. You’re gonna want to fish the attractor patterns in the winter time and this is a great one if that little tuft on there can look like in a little emerging insect….

Courtesy of Trouts Fly Fishing

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