How to Catch a Giant Largemouth Bass

Catching a largemouth bass can be very rewarding but also challenging. Their life existence can go up as living on average up to 16 years. A predatory fish, the giant largemouth bass is very agile in hunting for smaller fish. They will put up also quite a fight when they find themselves at the end of a lure or hook. They can evade easily and their warning bells will go up quickly when they detect abnormalities in the water.

Learning to catch these wily fish can take a while and if you are anything like me you don’t really want to wait too long before having your first successes. So, you probably do the same as I did: search the Internet for information about catching Largemouth Bass. While doing that I came upon a colorful web site selling an action-packed ebook called ‘Largemouth Bass Extreme’. Written by Michael Wagner, a professional angler you may have heard of, specializing in catching these fish I decided to take a look and see if he could save me some time and get me closer to my goal.

Largemouth Bass Fishing

What I liked about this bass fishing training course was that Michael helped me to get inside the mind of the fish, he explained the way that bass act and how they use their senses. For example, I had never thought about Largemouth bass being able to see in color, but they can! This small point led me to an understanding of how to buy the best spinning reel – knowing that bass sees best in the medium red to green range. I even learned about how to use drab minnow to be able to excite the bass and drive them into a feeding frenzy, just by understanding how the largemouth bass sees its world.

There’s around 44 million other Americans going out in their spare time hunting for these exciting fish and this ebook will help you to be among the best of them. As Daniel Bryant, president of Furry Fish Baits said “The weekend angler and competitive bass fishermen alike, will find the information in this guide invaluable and I am sure it will make anyone better bass fishermen.” this seems to me to be no great exaggeration.

Here’s just a small idea of the broad range of contents of Largemouth Bass Fishing Extreme:

  • How To Reveal Exactly Where Bass Are Hiding
    The Secret to being at the top of Every Bass tournament
    A unique jigging technique that’ll impress you and your prey
    The Proven Lure Colors To Use During Different Conditions
    One Technique That Will Make Bass Literally Attack Your Lure
    The Truth About The Time Of Day To Bag A Record Bass


In addition to the ebook itself Michael Wagner is including several useful bonuses which make the purchase decision even easier including the following:

  • A knot tying guide with 18 of the best angling knots
    Software to record the topography of the places you fish
    Bass fishing time of day calculator
    Fishing expert advice software

Some Final Thoughts on the Largemouth Bass 

The bottom line is this: If you have the time to surf the Internet looking for information and checking its validity then you might save some money, but you certainly will not save your time. For less than $30 you will have an electronic bookshelf of information that you can rely upon and that will save you both time and money. Best of all the purchase is risk-free because you get a 60 satisfaction guarantee from Michael himself.

if you want to make a change to the way you catch these exciting and challenging fish then this is the best way to start out.

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