How To Catch Redfish From Shore/Surf (Puppy Drum & Red Drum)

Redfish Fishing for Beginners in the Surf - Tailored Tackle

How to Catch Redfish From Shore/Surf (Puppy Drum & Red Drum). There’s no fish quite like the red drum (redfish). It’s definitely one of our favorite fish to target and catch.

Here is the easiest way to catch redfish from shore. It’s called the ‘Redfish Trap’. You don’t need much of anything except time, patience and luck.

The Redfish of the Atlantic are a small, delicious fish that’s an important part of coastal Florida’s ecosystem. This week, we’ll go over a couple important things to know in order to catch them including gear, rigs & where & when to fish for them.

Best Surf Fishing Rigs For Redfish

Redfish Rigs for Surf Fishing- Tips, Gear & More - Huk Gear

How To Fish For Redfish From Shore. There are a few basic rigs that are good for targeting Redfish from the beach. One rig that I love to use is a high-low rig. You’ll typically use this rig with some weight at the bottom, usually a sinker.

Our other favorite surf fishing rig for Redfish is the versatile Carolina Rig. This rig allows you to cast to all kinds of fish, from trout to snook, and Redfish to smallmouth bass.

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1 – Best Redfish Rig For Surf Fishing – High Low Rig

A very good Redfish rig for surf fishing is the high low rig. It has a weight at the very bottom and two hooks coming off the rig.

The weight keeps the bait down at the bottom so the Red Drum will feed. To catch Red Drum, we generally use circle hooks because they set themselves when pressure is applied.

When it’s time to throw in a few lures, this allows you to have a few rods out at the same time, increasing your chances of hooking into Redfish.

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2 – Best Surf Fishing Rig For Redfish – Carolina Rig

Carolina Rig for Redfish is number 2 Best surf fishing rig for redfish. A Carolina rig is one of the most popular and versatile surf fishing rigs out there. The Carolina rig consists of a egg slider weight on the main line that then ties to a swivel with leader line coming off.

We like the Redfish rig because it’s easy to tie and is not as heavy as the Carolina Rig. The cool thing about this particular rig is that it allows the fish to feel no resistance as the egg sinker allows the hook to simply pass through and still hold the bait for long periods of time.

When fishing for Redfish, Puppy Drum Bait is your best choice for getting a good hook set. It takes a long time for Redfish to notice that they’ve gotten a hook in their mouths, but once they do, it’s usually too late to escape.

We’ve got a bunch of killer baits to help you get those giant reds and speckled trout that are showing up lately. All of our baits are big, but some of the lures have a little action built into them, which should make it easier to get bites.

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Best Ways to Catch Puppy Drum

Best Way to Catch Puppy Drum. Share. Pin. Email. Romona Robbins Photography / Getty Images. The trophy grade red drum is a dream that some saltwater anglers never achieve. A big bull redfish can be difficult to find, hook, and land, but they all begin their lives as the same thing; a puppy drum.

Redfish aren’t really that red at all, but rather a silver color, and that makes them the preferred gamefish for anglers throughout the Northeast and Gulf Coast region. Their nickname, “red” doesn’t come from their color; it comes from their aggressive nature and fighting spirit.

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