How To Catch Sheepshead

How To Catch Sheepshead. It’s sheepshead time! After Luke and I posted the “Bowfishing For Sheepshead” video, one of our members named Daniel Flinn reached out saying he’s had an unbelievable month catching sheepshead with rod and reel.

Here’s an awesome idea I came up with. I thought it would be cool to get some of my customers to help out, so here’s a “cheat sheet” I made for everyone. You can cut and use as many or as few as you want, it’s just for fun.

Sheepshead Cheat Sheet has over 100 cheat sheets that help you to learn any skill faster. You’ll learn what kinds of things are useful for different kinds of situations, and when to use each skill.

How To Catch Sheepshead (Plus PDF Cheat Sheet & Catch Card)

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Sheepshead Cheat Sheet Guide

Sheep’s head cheat sheet guide.



Archosargus probatocephalus

Archedosargus probatocephalus. Food Quality: 4/5. (Click here to learn how to cook them). Where: Nearshore around structures in winter, offshore in the summer.

Inshore year-round, you can catch sheepshead off piers, docks, posts, sunken structure, seawalls, and bridges throughout the year.

1.When the tide starts to move, they feed more consistently. Your tackle: A light spinning or bait casting rod. About 6 to 7 feet of 6 to 7-weight rod. A fluorocarbon leader with about 1-2 oz. of leader.

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2.0 circle hook (a small size, such as a #

3.. Enough weight to keep the bait near the structure.

Carolina rigs with a short 6 to 7-inch leader. Bait: Fiddler crabs, sand fleas, clams, small crabs, oysters, or shrimp. Line: Use heavy, tightly-woven, natural, or fluorocarbon. Leader: Short, 6 to 7 inches. Tippet: Thin, 4 to 5 inches. Weight: 5 to 6 ounces.

Keep an eye on the fish while you’re baiting. Small taps can draw the bait in and spit out the hook quickly, so check the rig often to make sure you have a good bite. Use the bottom half of the shrimp, position your bait closer to the structure, and try to keep your bait steady.

You may have one on in a spot you don’t know, so avoid it. Barnacles grow fast, and if your boat is leaking, you don’t want to add to it. Take a flat hoe and scrape off barnacles to chum, then drop a line into the mix with jigs tipped with bait.

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Soft-tipped rods are best for catching sheepshead and other jigs. Make sure the tip is up and that your drag is not too loose. They will often wrap around the structure quite quickly, but they also have a tendency to bite, so it’s best to be patient.

In the fall they will begin to move out of the docks and onto local beaches. As the water cools they will stay on the bottom until the temperatures start rising in March. Local: Check with local marina personnel who can tell you where anglers are finding them.Bertram A. Fleishman Bertram A.

Be careful to catch your own fish for eating, and you should be ok if the fishmonger buys in the summertime. Sheepshead spots are not kept so secret as spots for other species. Get your free copy of the Sheepshead Cheat Sheet here now.

How To Catch Sheepshead (Plus PDF Cheat Sheet & Catch Card)

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Hide the hook when sheepshead fishing

Don’t be afraid to hide the hook when sheepshead fishing.

Sinker weight is important when sheepshead fishing

Sinkers are important when you’re fishing for sheepshead. Sheepshead are structure oriented fish.

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