How to clean and fix your Spinfisher Reel?

Clean Spinfisher Gear

  • Remove the line spool (and pulling knob, if necessary), and clean the ring’s bottom and the spindle area.
  • Next, rinse the whole wheel once more with a mild spray and allow them to air dry or pat with a towel.
  • Next, loosen the drag knob to get rid of the pressure that the washers do not become compressed and warped.
  • After cleaning, it is due for the essential spinning reel maintenance. Wipe the reels with a rag soaked with a protecting coating like Aluma Guard, wheel magic, or WD-40.
  • A lightweight coating of liquid furnishings polish also will work. Take care to avoid contact with the cord or handle grips.
  • Lubrication is an essential part of spinning gear maintenance. Use the oil provided with the reel or a top-quality after-market brand.
  • Bearings and metal bushings tend to gather water and salt. It is resulting in corrosion and seizure if not oiled.
  • It is tough to crank in a large fish if the handle does not turn. A bit of oil goes a long way, though. an excessive amount of oil is as dangerous as not enough, so apply with care.
  • To keep the wheels in prime conditions. Routine maintenance and cleanup are critical at least every two years. It is best to make it at the end of each year.
  • Due to the complex mechanics, deep cleaning is best left to skilled technicians. To tackle retailers or service centers.
  • For the complete disassembling of the wheels to the last screw and cleaned. Ultrasonic dunking the popular method.
  • For the fastest turnaround, have this worn out the winter off-season.
  • After cleaning, you need to inspect all the parts before putting them together. If a section does not endure a whole season, it must get replaced.
  • Checking for stress cracks in the Things that are subject to traditional wear. And tear-like plastic pulling mechanism knobs.
  • Drag washers usually last one or two years. Technicians recognize whether to lubricate the drag washers.
  • Trusted pulling mechanism material needs lubricants to operate. In contrast, others may have the design to remain dry and grease-free.

How to fix a broken spinfisher reel?

  • You will need a pair of plyers, a small screwdriver, and replacement parts for fixing a broken bail. First, unscrew the bail wire, especially the ones in the handle.
  • Make sure to put them in a safe place if they are still intact and made again. Remove the bail wire and start looking for any signs of damage, rust, twisted wires, or bent parts.
  • Look at the cord rings to inspect any signs of corrosion or damages that can cause the bail not to lock.
  • Suppose you discovered that pulling the cord is the reason that the spinning wheel is not locking. As a result of adjusting it to the lowest setting.
  • Which will affect the ability to cast your cord far and quick enough. So, all you need to fix is the pulling mechanism settings on a faster level.
  • And inspect the knob with its fibers, springs, washers, and other parts.
  • Finally, if you found out that the wheel problem is the anti-reverse mechanism, inspect your spinning reel parts for any damages.
  • And replace whatever you need to replace. Yet, I find that job a little complicated for inexperienced anglers.
  • So, I would recommend going to a trusted retailer to replace your spinning gear parts.

Watch this video to review Penn spinfisher v 4500 maintenance steps.

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