How to put a line in your Penn spinfisher reel?

  • The first thing to do is to attach the reels to the rod. As it makes installing a fishing line much more straightforward.
  • You must pass the end of the cord through the first drag system on the top of the wheel.
  • It is crucial to remember to open the bearing bail after attaching the fishing line. And be sure that you open the bail as it will return to that step again.
  • You must take care of that step is usually. A lot of anglers forgot that and had to start all over again.
  • After that, it is a straightforward process by taking the end of the new line. And wrapping it around the wheel two rounds and making an overhand knot for trimming the end closed.
  • Yet, if you are replacing the cord because the old one got worn out.
  • You might find it more effective to leave a little bit of it to attach the new cord to a simple uni knot. That will result in using fewer lines and save more money.
  • The next step is to close the bearing bail and begin to turn the knob in slow motion. With the rotation of the bail, the line will wrap around the ring in an exact alignment.
  • The essential part of this step is to ensure that the line lay faces the right direction.
  • Making sure that everything is operating in the right way. It would help if you stood with the rod is parallel to the floor.
  • Put the line ring on the ground with the label either facing the floor or you. Applying a little pressure between the first pulling mechanism and the wheel.
  • And start turning the wheel for about ten turns and then check for a nice and relaxed lay line on the floor. That is when you know what you did was right.
  • Now all you need to do is filling the reels with the line. Standing and facing the ring on the floor. Hold the cord with a little pressure and start turning.
  • After a couple of rounds, you can speed up until you reach the length between 1/8 and 3/16 inches of line.
  • Eventually, cut the cord and pass through the rest of the rod guide and attach it to the bait.

Watch this video about putting a line in a Penn spinfisher reel.

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