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If you want to rig a popping cork for redfish (best knots, corks and rigs), this is the best cork for redfish guide you will ever read. Joseph has been fishing the Mississippi coast for more than twenty years and he knows a thing or two about redfish.

If you want to hook big redfish, you need to get it right the first time. To do this you’ll have to think about every tiny little detail… From the way you rig your cork, to the knots you use, to the type of cork you use.

Hollywood is back today to show us how to land the big one, so that we can have fun fishing the Florida Keys!

Pop any kind of bottle, and you’ll be fishing for your dinner in no time.

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Best Rig, Corks, & Knots For Popping Corks 

Popping Cork Setup, Best Rigs for Redfish | Sport Fishing Mag

A quick lesson on how to pop corks with a hammer and chisel. Get started by watching this video and then get more tips on how to perfect your cork popping skills with this great article.

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How To Choose A Popping Cork

How To Choose The Best Popping Cork (And Lure) For Every Condition

How To Choose A Popping Cork. The first question you need to ask is which cork to use. Captain Mark has caught fish on all types of corks, but he does prefer corks with concave tops because they make a little more noise and move more water.

He also prefers the heavier duty corks that have large beads and bendable wire. Because some other fish may try to eat the cork, the beads are supposed to create a noise similar to the noise of Mullet or Pogies being active on the surface.

The best corks are more durable and attract more fish, so it’s worth spending a little more money for them. To see what corks he recommends, click here.

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The Popping Cork Rig

There are lots of ways to rig a popping cork. A popping cork is simply a 2 to 6-inch long float made of cork, Styrofoam, or hard plastic.

Why Popping Cork Rigs Catch Fish

There are a number of ways to get a more consistent shot at catching fish. Some of the most popular methods involve using a cork rig, a pop-up rig, and a jig rig. All three rigs are designed to help you catch fish and to keep you fishing longer than you would otherwise.

The best way to attract fish is to put them in the water where they’re most likely to cruise or hang out. You pull hard on the rod a couple of times to make the float pop loudly and splash on top of the water, while the bait dangles enticingly nearby.

After the initial pop, pause the retrieve for a couple of moments, and pop the cork a couple times during that pause. Then repeat the process as you slowly reel the rig across the likely strike zone.

Retrieve the lure beyond the strike zone, then pull it back into the boat and check the cork for a reaction. If you don’t get a reaction after a while, reel in the slack to set the hook. Then you can check the rig to make sure it’s set right.

If you miss the hook, re-set it at the same location. Otherwise, alter the distance or direction of every cast to cover more water.

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Fishing With Popping Corks Explained

If you want to catch jacks, redfish, stripers or any other large predatory gamefish then you have to know how to fish for them using the correct techniques. You should know all about the physics and behavior of these fish as they will respond better to certain actions and movements.

In rougher conditions or when the fish are moving fast, popping a small cork on a small jig is a good way to catch redfish or trout. When hunting redfish or trout on bank lines or nearshore, try this tactic.

To target fish, you need to have the right gear and approach. But when you’re fishing tarpon or snook in Florida’s mangroves at night, a popper can sometimes spook the fish, causing them to bolt.

If the line is tight, a tarpon and linesiders are more likely to come investigate. If it is loose, then tarpon and linesiders will be less likely to investigate.

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Best Popping Cork to Use When Fishing

The best cork for popping when fishing big fish in big water is larger than the surface is smooth. To match the size of the cork to the task, it must be larger than normal.

In a big chop you may want to team a big popping cork with a big lure or live bait that’s designed for the bigger fish species. This cork will make a lot of noise, and the bigger the better.

When fishing in calm, protected water, the best bait or lure to use is one that is much smaller than the cork, which is in turn suspended from a much smaller hook.

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Conclusion. You want to make your lure as attractive to predator fish as possible, so don’t get too caught up in the lure’s weight or appearance and remember that all lures work best when they’re rigged carefully.

Use clinch knots to rig up these corks. Clinch knots are quick, strong and easy knots for rigging up these corks. If you’re using braided line, a buffer of mono between the braid and the cork can help decrease tangles and wraps.

You can use a popping cork for many types of fishing, but you can’t use one to fish the same spot where another fisherman caught bass the week before. You might get away with a pop cork for fly fishing, but that doesn’t mean it’s appropriate for speckled trout.

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