Lakemaster vs. Navionics mapping software. | which 1 wins the fierce battle?

Nowadays, the highest quality hydrographic maps are manufactured by the lakemaster vs. Navionics companies.

However, the precise quality for each differs according to the location. Since to determine which serves your purposes best, you must test the map on an exact location.

It may be a contest to choose between these options as both show off their logs online. Yet, the Navionics offer the details in full while the lakemaster offers fewer details.

What are the advantages and disadvantages, and which one to select for your goal requires further detail about each feature?

fish finder brands CompatibilityHumminbirdHumminbird, Raymarine,Lowrance, Simrad
mapping detail Quality Very high, but depends on location (highest in HD maps, lower in SD maps)Very high, but depends on location
Ability to view maps before purchasingYes, but not in full detailYes, all maps can be viewed online
CoverageUSA & Canada, plus some international locationsWorldwide
Highlight depth rangeYesYes
Shallow water highlightYesYes
Water level adjustYesYes
Satellite overlayYes (LakeMaster Plus)Yes (Navionics Platinum)
Chart plottingYesYes
Access to updatesNoFor 1 year

Differences between Navionics vs. lakemaster features and specifications.

Whatever the brand you decide to select, there are specific features you need to put in mind.

It is not always the similar logs and to obtain the best product for your purpose. It would be best if you got statistics about them first.

Device compatibility.

Since Johnson outdoors owns both the Lakemaster and Humminbird, all the Humminbird units are sold with the functionality of the lakemaster installed on them.

It can be viewed as an advantage for Humminbird products, yet it can be a drawback since the lakemaster mapping can only be utilized on that specific device, which is a major point of weakness.

Since 2017 the Navionics must be owned by Garmin, which has come a long way and became one of the prime compatible in a wide range of fishfinder brands. Including the major devices like Humminbird and Lowrance.

The huge difference shows between both device compatibility, where the Navionics is a lot wider and a versatile device that different brands can employ, unlike the Lakemaster.

However, it would be best to consider that the new Navionics platinum that offers the best quality mapping details does not always work with all models available.

So, you need to check the compatibility of it before purchasing it.

For most of the Humminbird devices, only the Lakemaster mapping is compatible. Here when Navionics is an obvious winner, it is compatible with a wider range of device brands.

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Mapping details quality

We interviewed hundreds of anglers who have utilized mapping software to gather opinions.

About which one functions better in providing better records about mapping details during their angling experience.

Surprisingly, the answers we received from the interviewers were 50/50 for the benefit of both options, which proves our personal preference regarding this matter.

The location is the prime determinant in the quality of the details provided by the mapping. For some instances, it is better for some lakes, while the Navionics is better for others.

With an HD map provided for a specific location, the lakemaster mapping device provides the highest map quality.

 If the determined location only provides an SD map, then the Navionics map device offers the premium quality and accuracy of details.

This is not the answer you sought to facilitate your task in choosing the correct mapping software for the desired location.

However, it is best to check the map quality pre-purchasing by checking the information provided online by each company concerning their logs.

Suppose you have a location in mind and plan to buy a mapping device to get the correct details about it.

Then you need to pre-check the records online first to have an overview of their mappings’ efficiency for that determined location.

Before buying, the second step is to gather statistics and data from other anglers used to fish in that location and ask their opinion about which mapping software worked best with them and their angling experience.

In conclusion, both software options are equally efficient when measured due to their quality in providing the mapping details. However, they vary in quality according to the location determined.

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Both options of software mapping devices allow an outstanding coverage in the northern of America.

Both cover all huge lakes or in Canadian rivers or the north of Canada except for enough small lake is not covered.

Yet, when it comes to an aquatic or coastal map. Navionics provides the best reporting, making it the better choice if you are a fisherman who prefers fishing in saltwater. Besides, it offers more efficient international reporting.

In conclusion, both software map devices provide equal quality for coverage in the north of Canada. However, it is the best for the coverage of aquatic and international locations.

Highlighting the depth range.

This is an outstanding and useful feature that helps in marking specific depths on your mapping log.

For instance, if you target a fish species of walleye between the depth of 20 to 30 feet. You can adjust your map to highlight all the areas that include that lake’s depth to facilitate the navigation of those locations.

In conclusion, both mapping software offers the same feature with equal efficiency. Either will allow you to highlight the desired locations on the desired depth for your target.

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Highlighting of shallow water range.

This feature is like the depth range functionality; however, it differs in marking all the shallow areas in the desired location.

Whether a river or a lake, to provide you the safety of avoiding anything that could destroy your boat.

Typically, all levels in any lake or river can be changed considerably over the seasons, resulting in an obvious influence on the hydrographic map and should be taken into consideration.

Both devices for software mapping include the functionality that permits you to alter your depth adjustments on your map.

In conclusion, both have the features of marking the locations you desire in shallow waters with the depths’ readjustments.

Satellite overlay.

This feature permits you to put a satellite photo of a geographical map on top, which can be a special function useful for determining some geographical specifications like gulfs, swamps, or river bottoms.

In conclusion, both map devices provide this function equally and with the same efficient quality.

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Access to updates.

The most important and frequent question by common buyers of either map software is whether they still have access to the updates after purchasing one of their chips.

Besides the fact, both software is up to date consistently by their companies. Yet, it does not supply its customers with these up-to-date.

Since the Navionics allow the purchaser permanent access to free up to date their chips for a whole year.

The lakemaster does not provide that service, leading to buying a new chip for each up-to-date available.

In conclusion, Navionics has the upper feature in this category since it provides the buyer with fewer expenses for the up to date of their chips, unlike the lakemaster.

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Chart plotting.

The log plotting feature permits the fisherman to develop his map, relying on the sonar unit’s statistics on the fish finder.

Since the available maps do not cover many of the small lakes, that is an outstanding feature.

The log plotting enables you to customize your map according to your personal preference of a certain lake.

Navionics provide this function along with all the packages, including live sonar logs. Yet, it is not included in the lakemaster devices.

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Unless you separately upgrade your device into either version of an auto or autochart pro.

In conclusion, Navionics has the upper hand concerning that feature. It includes that function in the basic edition.

That you primarily purchase without upgrading it with extra expenses like the lakemaster.

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The pricing for both software falls in the same category. However, certain pricing relies on which bundle you desire to purchase and its quality, like the Navionics platinum bundle. 

Navionics vs. lakemaster.

Let us have a quick overview of them before going into more precise information for you to compare each of them side by side properly.

When it comes to comparing the reporting of locations, the HD maps available in the lakemaster are a little better than the basic edition of the Navionics and Lowrance.

Yet, they do not cover all locations available, unlike the SD maps unit that the Navionics device includes, which will be a better choice.

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Talking about the boater’s personal preference for saltwater fishing, they always choose the Navionics map software and logs since they provide more efficient maps to serve their needs.

For anglers who are more passionate about fishing in big lakes that feature large areas, the lowest advanced versions of Navionics.

And Lowrance logs provide better information and more advanced versions than the lakemaster advanced versions.

One of the coolest features that Navionics have is the community edits, which means that you are on a fishing holiday adventure with your family or decided to go fishing in an unfamiliar area.

That feature allows you to share statistics about temporary changes such as seasonal shops or a new boat incline.

Besides the ability to explore new places that can be interesting in your adventure as a tourist, like shops and restaurants.

Of course, it is advantageous to access all records available online in one place, with references for what your fellow boaters have uploaded previously and not excluded only on regular tourists.

When you gather other boater’s opinions about each device, you will find yourself lost, as half of them will prefer one and the other half will recommend the other alternative.

Sometimes, you will even face some boaters who prefer using both devices together since each one offers different features and functions.

You will eventually find which one is better is impossible to make since both are extremely outstanding in their way.

Hence, the best way to decide is to decide which one will serve your needs better, considering all the factors provided by each.

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What are the differences?

Lakemaster vs lakemaster +.

Both the basic version of lakemaster and the more advanced edition are the lakemaster +, have plenty of similarities. Yet, they have few differences.

The basic option offered outstanding map logs but still did not allow detailed coastline analyses.

While the lakemaster + provides an identical map quality, they allow the boaters to obtain detailed coastline analyses.

To determine any obstacles hidden within the body and are not visible to their eyes, like rocks, creeks. And that will give them more capability to locate the best places for fishing.

As we all know that the same company produces the Humminbird fishfinder and the Minn Kota trolling motors as the lakemaster chips. Then there is no doubt that they operate in excellence when combined.

The producing company of the lakemaster provides every means to allow the boaters with the perfect experience.

From the most up to the dated category of map details for the lakes across the USA, they maintain their safety and allow them to catch more fish.

The lakemaster chips are famous for being the most accurate detail digital mappings available on the market, besides their unique and innovative characteristics and features.

The maps’ reporting is restricted to exclude some lakes and are especially compatible with Humminbird units.

Both basic edition and the lakemaster + are Humminbird moat premium lake map chips. They both allow features of highlighting shallow water, easy and accurate detail readings, and many other exceptional specifications.

The primary difference between the + and the lakemaster basic edition is that the + version enables you to select a high-quality view of airborne photography to help you better view the creeks, ridges, and much more.

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The difference of the features and specifications of both lakemaster and lakemaster plus.

  • The compatibility of pilot-link.
  • Straightforward readings of curves.
  • Highlighting the depth ranges of the water.
  • Water levels contours.
  • Highlighting shallow areas.
  • Scrolling through lake lists.

Lakemaster plus exclusive features.

  • Satellite plus unit
  • Satellite plus and land details.
  • Outpost contours.

Lake master area and region coverage.

  • Edition for Dakota and Nebraska.
  • Edition for Great Lake.
  • Edition for Great Plains.
  • Edition for Mid-Atlantic states.
  • Edition for Minnesota.
  • Edition for Northeast states.
  • Edition for Ontario.
  • Edition for Quebec.
  • Edition for Southeast states.
  • Edition for Wisconsin.
  • Edition for Woods Rainy.

The difference between the lakemaster and the plus version confuses many boaters, and they always wonder if the lakemaster plus is worth any extra cost.

Well, I always find that the answer is no I do not think it is worth paying any extra cent on it. Since the maps on the outpost tend to be running slower and it is useless in many cases.

I would always advise you to stick to the basic edition of the lakemaster chip. However, airborne photographing may be a little tempting.

It does not make sense for the asked extra cost. As you can always lean on the google earth map to obtain aerial coverage whenever you need it through these chips.

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Types of lakemaster mapping chips.

Smart strike.

When it comes to customizing your lake maps, the smart strike map chip provides all the plus have besides having the technology itself built within.

That technology permits the angler to check for considerations like temperature, season, targeted species, and the time of the day.

It can also highlight the locations or create a pattern for the favorite targeted species in most lakes. Also, you can research the same areas on the lake with the same technology.

Charts select.

It offers the ultimate feature of choosing an individual lake location without purchasing the whole region chart.

Charts select is a basic digital map store developed by Humminbird where you can buy and download a single high-quality lakemaster lake and coastal maps and logs.

That option can be an outstanding and affordable alternative if you seek a certain lake map and cannot afford to spend more money to get all the desired lakes in a distinct region.

Auto chart and Auto chart pro.

When it comes to developing your lake maps and seeking a digital mapping for the lake’s location, both are not covered by both.

The idea behind producing the auto chart chip is that thousands of lakes all over the united states are impossible for the lakemaster software device to map each one.

The auto chart chips and the pro versions can be a game-changer for any angler since it enables you to create your maps on your preferred water bodies.

Navionics vs. Navionics platinum.

The same as lakemaster, it comes in a more advanced edition than the basic edition, the platinum.

However, the platinum edition comes with various mapping cards that provide a wide range of area reporting through the outpost by providing a 3D view and panoramic images.

Moreover, the addition of hot maps platinum map utilizes the sonarchart to provide an outpost overview with a panoramic image.

With that advantage, they can cover more than 2300 Canadian lake views and the USA. Typically, the platinum edition is demanded more in northern America.

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Types of Navionics mapping cards.

Navionics hot map platinum lake maps.

The ultimate freshwater for the lake maps chips’ location is the hot maps, which provide the premium lake map of a freshwater lake in the Canadian regions and the USA.

For experienced anglers and boaters that fish around the united states and Canada and spend most of their time on lakes, this designed chip will serve their needs best.

The platinum’s hot maps allow similar lakes and content, in addition to the specifications provided by the plus.

Which include the outpost overlay, 3D viewing, and panoramic images for extra precise and accurate detail and data.

The hot mapping includes more than 21,000 lakes, with high quality, contour information inside the Sona log.

Improved and enhanced options are designed to maintain your safety and improve your performance as an angler.

Features included in the platinum hot map card.

  • Shading in the sonarchart.
  • Lake list.
  • One foot contours.
  • Detail for more than 21,000 lakes.
  • Advantage of receiving daily up-to-date and advanced factors for one year.
  • Nautical chart and the sonarchart already downloaded.
  • Downloadable community edits.
  • Live sonarcharts
  • The option of an advanced map.
  • Plotter synchronization.
  • Improve the sonarchart with the collected logs.
  • Contours for the boat ramps, drop-offs, reefs, and structures.

The hot map card regional coverage.

  • Canadian lakes
  • northern of America.
  • South of America.
  • East of America.
  • West of America.

Note that even though your state may be included in the regional list, few water bodies you target for your angling may not be included.

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Navionics hot map platinum lake maps.

Navionics plus Aquatic and lake cards.

The plus map chip is the ultimate choice for experienced boaters to fish in both saltwater and freshwater.

This chip comes with the maps for specific regions already downloaded, the same as the hot maps card, including either sonar or nautical logs.

Unlike the hot maps platinum, they do not come with a 3D satellite possibility.

Key features for the Navionics + cards.

  • Logs for the aquatic marines and lakes.
  • Offer inshore and outshore one-foot contours.
  • Include more than 21,000 lakes.
  • Advantage of daily up-to-date and advanced factors for one year.
  • Nautical and sonarcharts units already downloaded.
  • Downloadable community edits.
  • Provide enhanced features like live sonarchart, improved map options, and plotter synchronization.
  • Improve the sonarchart with collected sonar logs.

The Navionics + regional card coverage.

  • South America.
  • West of America.
  • Northern of America.
  • Canadian lakes.
  • Alaska.

Navionics platinum aquatic marine cards.

The platinum aquatic marine chip is the best mapping chip for seawater, developed for the marine experienced anglers and boaters.

This comes with all that is already included in the Navionics + and hot map and other chips but more focused on the seawater bodied.

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The key feature for the Navionics platinum marine card.

  • Editable by communities.
  • Sonar chart.
  • Nautical charts.
  • Daily up to date.
  • Auto routing from the dock to dock.
  • It improved map options.
  • Plotter synchronization.
  • It shaded sonar chart units with outpost overlay.
  • Panoramic images.

Navionics platinum regional coverage.

  • Oregon and California.
  • Michigan lake.
  • Superior lake.
  • Puget Sound.

Navionics updates cards.

If you already own a Navionics chip, then the up-to-date card is the ultimate choice. That permits you to access the newest map logs by employing an old edition card or shifting from one manufacturer to another.

The Navionics updates are a basic Navionics +, yet it saves you half the expenses if you only buy a Navionics +.

This chip comes with all the Nautical logs and editing of the community already downloaded and the ability to get new up to dates all the time for one year.

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Frequently asked questions about Lakemaster vs. Navionics.

Can Navionics work on Humminbird devices?

Surprisingly, you will have the satisfactory answer for your question that you seek to hear, which is YES for sure. It can operate on most of the famous software mapping devices.

However, the line map’s a premium quality that the platinum offer sadly does not operate on all available brands’ models.

Besides, the platinum edition also does not operate on the older versions of software mapping devices. That is why it is best to check the compatibility of your device before buying.

Can lakemaster function on Lowrance devices?

I hope I can give you the answer that will satisfy you. But unfortunately, no, lakemaster can only function only on Humminbird.

Since the same company manufacture both products. Many boaters are not satisfied with this, and they hope that this can change in the future.

However, it is essential to check either lakemaster or Humminbird devices before purchasing on their official website.

Can lakemaster or Navionics operate on mobile devices?

For sure, yes, if you are still confused about which brand to select, the response for your inquiry cannot assist you in deciding since both alternatives can function on phone devices. They can be downloaded on IOS or Android phone models.

For lakemaster map software, it can be downloaded as a free application that you can buy, download, and monitor maps. By employing GPS, enables you to label paths and route points.

While Navionics software provides an app subscription that allows users to download data and saves them even when the subscription expires, several devices can be utilized with the same account.

However, that is only available with the basic versions. Since to utilize more improved factors, your subscription must be active.

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Which is more accurate for the lake maps?

To achieve the correct answer for this question, we had to analyze interviewing many experienced anglers that employed both devices.

However, most of them have chosen the lakemaster cards to be more accurate than the Navionics. Other few boaters preferred the Navionics, but these were mainly in the areas that did not include HD maps available.

In conclusion, we believe that yes. Both software provides more accurate detail, but it depends on your personal preference of the spots you like angling, whether they have a high definition map available or never

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Final thoughts.

Suppose you intend to employ a GPS software map device to determine the best angling locations. One of the prime selections you must decide is which map software chip you will need to utilize.

A lot of experienced boaters seem to employ both. Most of them utilize both alternatives side by side consistently on two different devices.

Bottom line, it is a very complicated decision to select one of them to be the ultimate choice for the best map software.

To help you decide which is better should be compared according to a specific location and determine the precise amount of data they provide and the best option that serves your needs best.

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