Penn Spinfisher V 4500 Review | Ultimate Guide

Penn Spinfisher is one of the top all-rounder saltwater reels which is worth buying. Penn is a brand which is known as a legendary manufacturer of spinning fishing reels that come in top-notch quality. 

Penn Spinfisher V 4500 is an exceptional spinning fishing reel with having great workhorse which withstands stress and corrosion in the saltwater. If you are seeking a spinning fishing reel for saltwater then this one is definitely an incredible choice.

Penn Spinfisher V is the fifth in generation with a well-built reputation and top-notch performance. This spinning fishing reel is perfect for light trolling and features high capability. What’s more! This Penn Spinfisher V 4500 comes in striking golden color with matte finishing black. Moreover, it comes with a well-finished spool which is flawless. 

Penn Spinfisher V 4500

Highlights of Penn Spinfisher V 4500

  • Comes with smooth drag within sizes like 3500-10,500.
  • Features watertight seal which is perfect for saltwater applications.
  • Features stainless steel shaft which is great for ultimate strength and is triple supported with sizes 9500 and 10,500. 


Watertight design

Watertight design

The stunning part about Spinfisher V is durability when used in salt water, corrosive environments. Penn is a brand that ensures to make water-tight components. This Spinfisher features 6 seals preventing any saltwater to penetrate within the gear and drag components. 

If you are a type of angler that loves going down with complete activities like fishing with a kayak, using wade fishing for flats, or surfing on your favorite spot then you need to try the Penn Spinfisher V4500 as it features a watertight design. 

It is one of the great elements of the Penn Spinfisher reel because it keeps the entire salt and water out of the drag system and gearbox. The watertight design is achieved using rubber gaskets. Overall, it’s an ultimate choice of Spinfisher reel that easily withstands for a longer duration, withstanding abuse and being wet within saltwater.

It comes with a seal drag system which makes use of one seal over the top and two on the bottom. Penn Spinfisher comes with an additional mounted seal within the handle that keeps all water out. 

Full metallic body

Full metallic body

Penn Spinfisher V 4500 comes with a full metallic body that provides an ultimate backbone to the entire reel. 

Spinfisher v 4500 comes with metallic side plates and a body that offers precise alignment even in extreme loads. The metallic body and entire construction enhance the durability of this product making it sturdy and perfect for use in salty water situations. 

Heavy-duty aluminum bail wire

 aluminum bail wire

Penn Spinfisher reel comes with heavy-duty aluminum bail wire which withstands the long testing time without bending or warping easily when slammed or bumped against any object. The line management performance of this Penn Spinfisher is incredible. 

Bearing system

Bearing system

Penn Spinfisher V spinning reel comes with five stainless steel, sealed ball bearings which come with a rubber seal holding up well to the reel protecting it against any accidental penetration of water. 

Techno-Balanced rotor

Techno-Balanced rotor

This type of rotor is a contemporary trademark of the Penn manufacturers. It is engineered in such a way that it offers smooth retrieval. The combination of a 5+1 bearing system with a techno-balanced rotor makes this Spinfisher reel an extraordinary choice making it feel smooth offering an even line lay over the spool. 

HT-100 slammer drag

HT-100 slammer drag

The next essential feature in this Spinfisher V 4500 is the HT-100 slammer drag which comprises three oversized washers. The dual washers sit beneath the spool while the other one is on top for drag pressure enhances the drag pressure. Moreover, it comes with well sealing which enhances the durability of this spinning fish reel. 

The HT-100 slammer drag system makes use of keyed carbon washers replacing traditional washers that lengthens the timespan of this spinning reel offering smooth drag with no jerking movement when placed under load. 

The keyed washer used in this drag system offers access over both sides of the washer offering smooth drag. HT means high tech indicating carbon fiber lamination over the fiberglass. 100 in this term is simply equivalent to 100 miles line which is taken from a spinning reel at times of testing without any degradation making this Spinfisher reel an impressive choice. 

Superline Spool

Superline Spool

Another feature of this Spinfisher V 4500 is that it comes with a super line spool. The spool is machine cut using anodized aluminum which is perfectly balanced towards fine tolerance. This superline spool is braid-ready which means no baking is required. Moreover, it comes with line counter rings allowing you to identify the line. 

Overall, this spinning fishing reel is tough and extremely durable with extra seals having full metallic body construction offering protection against saltwater. However, it’s best to rinse the Penn Spinfisher and other reels using freshwater once you are done finishing. ( You may also like How to put a fishing line on baitcasting reels? | 7 Easy steps guide. )

Superline Spool line capacity rings

Superline Spool line capacity rings

Penn Spinfisher V 4500 comes incorporated with the rubber inlay over the spool meaning this reel can go directly over the spool with the choice of brad without going back to mono. The Penn Spinfisher reel lets you know regarding cord quantity which is left once you are done hooking a huge catch. 

The Spin angler V comes with three lines over rings which enables you to identify whether you have 1/3rd, 2/3rd, or full spool. It offers ultimate guidance regarding the top shot of the braid on the spool. 

Other Spinfisher competitive reels in the market show the same features but Penn managed to create its identity through a wide rubber which is enough for end cord slipping. 

Penn Spinfisher V 4500 has definitely affected several competitors in the market because it is capable of holding 300 yards of around 8lbs mono and 200 yards of around 30lbs mono braid inlay cord capacity. 

Rubber gaskets that are manufactured by the Penn brand require no fluorocarbon or mono backing preventing superline from slipping making ring filling easier. 

Without having any doubts, you are definitely choosing a great spinning reel for a mind-blowing fishing experience. 

Styles of Penn Spinfisher

Penn Spinfisher V 4500 is an exceptional saltwater reel that starts at the size of around 2000 and finishes at 8000. 

The Penn Spinfisher is available in different styles like regular and lives linear. Within this range, there are eleven various reels like small versions starting at around 3500 with the maximum range of around 10500. So, you can choose according to your preference. 

A live liner Penn Spinfisher is available in different sizes. Live liner Spinfsher is similar to Shimano bait runners. There are dual drag settings which include the main drag setting with the second drag setting for striking bait to the big fish. 

Penn Spinfisher V 4500 is a nice model and comes with a live liner. This Spinfisher comes with 365/15, 280/20, and 200/30 braids having a mono of around 300/8, 250/10, and 185/12. 

Penn Spinfisher V series is a 5th generation spinning fishing reel which was initially released in 2012 at ICAST winning the best saltwater reel award. 

Penn Spinfisher V reel is available in two styles: regular SSV4500 while the live liner is SSV4500LL. The reels are then categorized into four classes having variations in spool capacities. The reels in four classes include 3500/4500, 5500/6500, 7500/8500, and 9500/10500.

Watch this video to review Penn spinfisher4500v description and features.


Model     TD Code   SSV4500
Description of Spinfisherv 4500
Mono Capacity (yds/lb.)300/8, 250/10, 185/12
Braid Capacity (yds/lb.)365/15, 280/20, 200/30
Max Drag (lbs.)25
Gear Ratio6.2:1
Line Retrieve (inches)34


  • Comes in a water-proof design.
  • Features an excellent drag system which is HT-100.
  • Features top-notch quality finishing.
  • Incredible line lay.
  • Excellent braking.


  • Gear wearing is seen in this Spinning reel after heavy usage. 

Frequently asked questions

1- Why does a spinfisher spinning reel not lock?

Broken bail

  • a bearing bail is a metal you shaped piece that keeps your cord in place. Yet, once it is open, it allows you to cast your spinning line in any direction you want.
  • If broken, it may fall off the reel, losing full control over it, and may cause losing the ability to lock it. 

Drag system

  • It is the pulling mechanism handles for grabbing out fish when they catch the bait. It is a fast and strong way to stop the fish from pulling the fishing line and getting free from the bait.
  • So, if the lock is not working well, it will not function properly, making you lose your fishing line at the fish pull it all out.

Anti-reverse system

  • Suppose you have a broken anti-reverse mechanism. You will not control the rotor for managing the hook. Yet, fixing the rotor might be a little complicated for inexperienced anglers.

2- What are the most common problems in spinfisher fishing gear?

Cord twist

  • It is one of the most common complications of spinning reels. Cord Twists happen due to the lure turns in the water as you wheel in and begin casting.
  • The most effective remedy to such a problem is to remove the old fishing line. And apply a new one with a heavy-duty material.

Over lubricating

  • It will clog bearings, which ends up in your fishing wheel’s poor performance. So, you have got to wash the bearings and avoid over-lubrication.
  • Place the proper quantity of lubricating substance for the steel and ceramic bearings.


  • When leaving unclean corrosion. It will destroy all the components of your fishing reel. Again, your best primary procedure is to try and do regular maintenance.
  • Once finishing ensuring to rinse your fishing wheel after every single time. Then, wipe it off and dry.
  • Apply lubricating substance on pivot points and knobs to avoid rust and corrosion.

3- How to switch the handle on a Penn spinfisher reel?

  • Adjusting a fishing reel from right to left-handed is easy and straightforward. Follow these fast steps to get the most effective results.
  • Look for the dirt cap on the right side of the wheel and unscrew it till you can take it away.
  • Next, unscrew the handle on the left. This could be done by turning the handle in a clockwise direction.
  • Insert the reel arm into the placement wherever the dust cap was removed. Then tighten it by turning the wheel clockwise.
  • Take the dust cap you removed and place it on the left side of the reel. Screw it into place.

Watch this video to understand the entire process.


Overall, to conclude the Penn Spinfisher fishing reel is a top-notch quality reel that has been around for years now! They are a high-quality fishing reel that lasts for several years of high-quality fishing experience if you take care and maintain them properly. 

To be honest, you might be wondering that it’s 100% waterproof, but it’s not true you need to maintain it properly like other reels but comparatively, it’s an incredible and one of the best spinning reels for saltwater fishing. For fishing live bait, you need to get your hands on a live liner model of this stunning reel. 

In terms of pricing, Penn Spinfisher V 4500 is a great choice and is worth buying for wet saltwater situations like kayaks or surf fishing. 

Penn is a well-known brand and is known worldwide because of the professional manufacturer of reels that are durable and come with long-lasting life having a corrosive grip. ( You may also like How to Choose a Fishing Reel? )

Penn Spinfisher V 4500 review will help you know how it’s the best choice from hundreds of shares several characteristics with V3500 but it is incredibly powerful and offers smooth casting. The impressive highlights of this reel include maximum drag with 25 lbs and line retrieval of around 34 inches in each crank with an overall weight of around 15.4 oz. 

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