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/ Penn Spinfisher V Review | Ultimate Guide

The Penn spinfisher reel name explains everything about this legendary manufacturer. That always includes the highest quality in manufacturing fishing reels.

As we all might hear, the Penn spinfisher produced fishing reels at the beginning of 1960. And kept designing and manufacturing fishing wheels until the present day.

With no surprises, the Penn spinfisher v reel released the fifth generation in 2012. and of course, it won first place in 2012.

Since then, they have been enhancing and developing new structures and features. To meet fishing fans’ expectations.

They are making every angler fisher dream more approachable. By concluding what they are looking for to complete their special time when spin fishing.

Providing them with a product that will withstand their hobby’s harsh conditions. Without making them face, they face the problem of changing their fishing kit more often.

Penn Spinfisher SSV Review

Especially for those who fan the action of fishing. In a kayak, or fish at a favorite surf spot, or fishing in flat lakes.

Without worrying about the safety and durability of their equipment. This is where the fifth generation of spinfisher has built an exceptional reputation for its outstanding durability and perfect performance.

The Penn spinfisher could endure saltwater with a watertight design. And it is constructed with the best wheel braid pulling mechanism and a slammer gearbox. That does not need cleaning after each use with a series of rubber gaskets.

Suppose you are a serious spinning fisher that requires no luxurious, reliable, and durable.

Under the saltwater spinning wheel, then you cannot go wrong with a Penn Spinfisher v 4500. It is everything you ever needed in one magnificent series of production.

These reels can survive all harsh conditions and still meet your needs for a decade. The Penn spinfisher v design was with a big wheel to fight big fish like tuna.

The Penn spinfisher v comes in two different models from the regular to the live liner spinning reel.

For the traditional models, it varies in eleven choices of wheel ranges. Between the tiniest line capacity rings model beginning at Penn spinfisher v 3500. To an essential model, heavy-duty line capacity rings Penn spinfisher v 10500.

There is no questioning that the Penn Spinfisher V 4500 is the most effective spinfisher v on the market.

Penn has a massive array of types. Some model suits newcomer spinning anglers getting their feet wet.

Others are better for the skillful anglers using traditional different fishing techniques. It has the design for offshore anglers searching for a wheel despite the regular use.

And not so much maintenance may last a decade or more. They are offering all the options for different demands.

As the higher, the model becomes more suitable to handle heavier fishing baits. And the capability to handle a bigger catch.

Suppose you are an angler trying to make a single investment for the deep ocean and ocean fishing wheel.

If you want one thing that is well-tried to last, then the Penn Spinfisher V spinning is the way to go.

But if you are feeling such as you would like something gentler and…a little easier on the budget,  

To have a better idea about this reel watch that quick Penn spinfisher v review


 All  Penn spinfisher reviews agree that the factors. And designs are consistent in all models.

Except for these models: the spinfisher v 7500 comes with a mechanic anti-reverse backup. And ssv 9500 and ssv 10500 that come with the main shaft. With an extended line capacity that can spread to the rear support.  Yet, Penn spinfisher v 6500 is the most popular.

The second model was the updated revolution in the spinfisher. It is a live liner with two stainless steel drag systems.

One for the main drag settings. And use the second main shaft when a large size fish catches the bait, then turn the handle, and the main setting is on.

Differentiating between the regular and the live liner spinfisher v spinning reel. By having LL before the model number.

Penn Spinfisher V 4500 Specifications, Models, and Features

Penn spinfisher v Watertight design

As I mentioned above that the main features of the Penn spinfisher v are the watertight design.

Penn spinfisher has been built like a tank with a dense, full metal body model. By using 6 in the regular and 9 in the live liner sealed stainless steel ball bearings. And metal preserved drag system.

The sealed slammer grad included has three options, one on the top and two on the bottom, with 3 HT-100 washers.

The main features of Penn Spinfisher V are durability in corrosive saltwater. Penn went out and beyond with this spinning gear.

Thanks for making the structure of each part as watertight as possible. 6 seals that ensure saltwater need a lot of time penetrating the pulling mechanism and kit parts.

The trademark of sealed stainless steel watertight feature. It is primary in building the Penn spinfisher v.

As many reviews would not recommend using this wheel underwater. As they claimed of seeing minor drops of water.

Yet, many opposite reviews did not face any problems using it underwater without worrying about any water reaching the gear even if you spent a long time underwater.

Penn spinfisher v HT 100 Slammer Drag washers System

Penn Spinfisher V Review
Penn Spinfisher V – Strong Casing

HT 100 slammer drag washers System utilizes keyed carbon washers. Instead of the standard felt washers. Which can lengthen the wheel’s lifetime. And provides for a very sleek pulling mechanism underneath the pressure of grabbing large-size fish. 

The Penn Spinfisher V comes with a Slammer drag washer system. The preserved pulling mechanism consists of 3 superline spools of HT 100 drag washers.

Two of the washers are under the spool. In comparison, the other reel is on the top for more pulling mechanism line capacity. Resulting in increasing the most pulling pressure. The HT 100 system is well preserved for increasing the durability of the wheel.

By employing a set of ht 100 drag washers. There’s access to each side of the washer. To supply a sleek drag that usually is by applying mistreatment of extra line spool washers.

The HT stands for the High Tech. A line lay braid of carbon fiber covered with fiberglass. The ht 100 drag washers stand to take up to the length of 100 miles of the line from the fishing reel. In initial testing without any noticeable degradation, that is impressive. 

The drag washer system itself creates a slow progression because of the fine cord rings, which suggest that to meet a similar level of pulling.

That you could get used to obtaining with one or two quarters by switching to another reel, you may have to double the number of rotations of the ring. 

While this gives you extra control over your most pulling, it is a bit harder to alternate between different wheel brands.

Penn spinfisher v 4500 Superline Spool line capacity rings

Penn spinfisher helps you know what quantity of cord you have left after hooking on to a huge catch.

The Spin angler V features three lines on the rings. That enables you to recognize once you have 1/3rd, 2/3rds, and a full spool line.

It provides the best guide if you are about to top-shot some braid on your spool. The superline spool incorporates rubber inlaid into the spool.

It suggests that you will shift to the superline spool with a braid of your selection without having to back it with mono.  

Some of the alternative models on the market have similar features. Yet, Penn has created the rubber wide enough to end cord slippage. Once they knew it was happening to different products.

The Penn SSV 4500 will put some real severe pressure on competitors! Capable of holding 300 yards of 8lb mono or 200 yards of 30lb mono braid with this lay cord capacity. And the capability to place a great 25lb mono of drag washer system.

Explaining the pressure on the Penn Spinfisher V – SSV 4500 may be performing on tiny reels.

Thanks to the rubber gasket created by Penn do not need any mono or fluorocarbon backing. As it prevents the superline from slipping, making the filling of the rings easier.

Without a doubt, there is no alternative spinning reel that has this option, even the most expensive one. And the wheel cord is even.

Penn spinfisher v Live Liner Models

For those of you who like fishing with live baits. There are four models of Spinfisher V that are available in a live liner model.

Penn spinfisher techno-Balanced rotor

The Penn spinfisher Techno-Balanced rotor could be a proprietary rotor design of Penn. And they built it to supply a sleek retrieve.

 Once combined with the 5+1 bearing system, the wheel feels glossy smooth and provides a very even cord on the ring.

Penn spinfisher v Full Metal Body

The Penn Spinfisher V offers a full metal body that goes to supply a decent backbone for the rest of the wheel.

Like the original Penn Spinfisher Reels, the Spinfisher V has a full metal body and side plate. This helps precise alignment even with extreme loads.  All the metal components on the Penn Spinfisher V have sturdy, lasting durability.

Penn spinfisher v 5 Bearing system

Penn spinfisher incorporates a five-sealed stainless steel ball-bearing system. It is closed with a rubber seal that ought to withstand. And shield the wheel from accidental dunks within the water.

The  Penn Spinfisher V ensures reliable operation and sleek cranking. An immediate anti-reverse bearing helps cut rotor back play. 

So, you will be able to set the hook then hook in your catch without interruption.

Penn spinfisher v Heavy duty Aluminium bail wire

The Penn Spinfisher offers an extra heavy-duty bail wire, which will withstand the test of durability.

And will not warp or bend if bumped or slammed against another object. This can be necessary as a warped bail will cause inferior line management.

Penn spinfisher v Infinite Anti -Reverse

The infinite Anti Reverse eliminates the rear play on the rotor once you set the hook.  They accomplished that using a technique bearing within the reel design. 

The models from Penn spinfisher v ranges from ssv 7500 – ssv 10500. It uses a backup wheel system in place of the infinite anti-reverse.

Watch this video to review Penn spinfisher4500v description and features.


Model     TD Code   SSV4500
Description of Spinfisherv 4500
Mono Capacity (yds/lb.)300/8, 250/10, 185/12
Braid Capacity (yds/lb.)365/15, 280/20, 200/30
Max Drag (lbs.)25
Gear Ratio6.2:1
Line Retrieve (inches)34

Frequently asked questions

1-How to clean your spinfisher gear?

  • Remove the line spool (and pulling knob, if necessary), and clean the ring’s bottom and the spindle area.
  • Next, rinse the whole wheel once more with a mild spray and allow them to air dry or pat with a towel.
  • Next, loosen the drag knob to get rid of the pressure that the washers do not become compressed and warped.
  • After cleaning, it is due for the essential spinning reel maintenance. Wipe the reels with a rag soaked with a protecting coating like Aluma Guard, wheel magic, or WD-40.
  • A lightweight coating of liquid furnishings polish also will work. Take care to avoid contact with the cord or handle grips.
  • Lubrication is an essential part of spinning gear maintenance. Use the oil provided with the reel or a top-quality after-market brand.
  • Bearings and metal bushings tend to gather water and salt. It is resulting in corrosion and seizure if not oiled.
  • It is tough to crank in a large fish if the handle does not turn. A bit of oil goes a long way, though. an excessive amount of oil is as dangerous as not enough, so apply with care.
  • To keep the wheels in prime conditions. Routine maintenance and cleanup are critical at least every two years. It is best to make it at the end of each year.
  • Due to the complex mechanics, deep cleaning is best left to skilled technicians. To tackle retailers or service centers.
  • For the complete disassembling of the wheels to the last screw and cleaned. Ultrasonic dunking the popular method.
  • For the fastest turnaround, have this worn out the winter off-season.
  • After cleaning, you need to inspect all the parts before putting them together. If a section does not endure a whole season, it must get replaced.
  • Checking for stress cracks in the Things that are subject to traditional wear. And tear-like plastic pulling mechanism knobs.
  • Drag washers usually last one or two years. Technicians recognize whether to lubricate the drag washers.
  • Trusted pulling mechanism material needs lubricants to operate. In contrast, others may have the design to remain dry and grease-free.

Watch this video to review Penn spinfisher v 4500 maintenance steps.

2-How to put a line in your Penn spinfisher reel?

  • The first thing to do is to attach the reels to the rod. As it makes installing a fishing line much more straightforward.
  • You must pass the end of the cord through the first drag system on the top of the wheel.
  • It is crucial to remember to open the bearing bail after attaching the fishing line. And be sure that you open the bail as it will return to that step again.
  • You must take care of that step is usually. A lot of anglers forgot that and had to start all over again.
  • After that, it is a straightforward process by taking the end of the new line. And wrapping it around the wheel two rounds and making an overhand knot for trimming the end closed.
  • Yet, if you are replacing the cord because the old one got worn out.
  • You might find it more effective to leave a little bit of it to attach the new cord to a simple uni knot. That will result in using fewer lines and save more money.
  • The next step is to close the bearing bail and begin to turn the knob in slow motion. With the rotation of the bail, the line will wrap around the ring in an exact alignment.
  • The essential part of this step is to ensure that the line lay faces the right direction.
  • Making sure that everything is operating in the right way. It would help if you stood with the rod is parallel to the floor.
  • Put the line ring on the ground with the label either facing the floor or you. Applying a little pressure between the first pulling mechanism and the wheel.
  • And start turning the wheel for about ten turns and then check for a nice and relaxed lay line on the floor. That is when you know what you did was right.
  • Now all you need to do is filling the reels with the line. Standing and facing the ring on the floor. Hold the cord with a little pressure and start turning.
  • After a couple of rounds, you can speed up until you reach the length between 1/8 and 3/16 inches of line.
  • Eventually, cut the cord and pass through the rest of the rod guide and attach it to the bait.

Watch this video about putting a line in a Penn spinfisher reel.

3-Why does a spinfisher spinning reel not lock?

Broken bail

  • a bearing bail is a metal you shaped piece that keeps your cord in place. Yet, once it is open, it allows you to cast your spinning line in any direction you want.
  • If broken, it may fall off the reel, losing full control over it, and may cause losing the ability to lock it. 

Drag system

  • It is the pulling mechanism handles for grabbing out fish when they catch the bait. It is a fast and strong way to stop the fish from pulling the fishing line and getting free from the bait.
  • So, if the lock is not working well, it will not function properly, making you lose your fishing line at the fish pull it all out.

Anti-reverse system

  • Suppose you have a broken anti-reverse mechanism. You will not control the rotor for managing the hook. Yet, fixing the rotor might be a little complicated for inexperienced anglers.

4-How to fix a broken spinfisher reel?

  • You will need a pair of plyers, a small screwdriver, and replacement parts for fixing a broken bail. First, unscrew the bail wire, especially the ones in the handle.
  • Make sure to put them in a safe place if they are still intact and made again. Remove the bail wire and start looking for any signs of damage, rust, twisted wires, or bent parts.
  • Look at the cord rings to inspect any signs of corrosion or damages that can cause the bail not to lock.
  • Suppose you discovered that pulling the cord is the reason that the spinning wheel is not locking. As a result of adjusting it to the lowest setting.
  • Which will affect the ability to cast your cord far and quick enough. So, all you need to fix is the pulling mechanism settings on a faster level.
  • And inspect the knob with its fibers, springs, washers, and other parts.
  • Finally, if you found out that the wheel problem is the anti-reverse mechanism, inspect your spinning reel parts for any damages.
  • And replace whatever you need to replace. Yet, I find that job a little complicated for inexperienced anglers.
  • So, I would recommend going to a trusted retailer to replace your spinning gear parts.

5-What are the most common problems in spinfisher fishing gear?

Cord twist

  • It is one of the most common complications of spinning reels. Cord Twists happen due to the lure turns in the water as you wheel in and begin casting.
  • The most effective remedy to such a problem is to remove the old fishing line. And apply a new one with a heavy-duty material.

Rod damage

  • It may be the result of dirt build-up. This issue prevents the desired movement of the rod, which can result in kit lock-up.
  • So, it will end in sticking to at least one factor of the equipment. Great action is to try is to switch it due to its delicate nature.
  • If it gets dirty, the primary resolution is regular maintenance and maintenance.

Over lubricating

  • It will clog bearings, which ends up in your fishing wheel’s poor performance. So, you have got to wash the bearings and avoid over-lubrication.
  • Place the proper quantity of lubricating substance for the steel and ceramic bearings.


  • When leaving unclean corrosion. It will destroy all the components of your fishing reel. Again, your best primary procedure is to try and do regular maintenance.
  • Once finishing ensuring to rinse your fishing wheel after every single time. Then, wipe it off and dry.
  • Apply lubricating substance on pivot points and knobs to avoid rust and corrosion.

Replacing worn-out parts

  • General wear and tear are inevitable. It is inventible to happen over time. Replacements of worn-out components are your best choice to maintain them.

Watch to review Penn pinfisherv4500 common mistakes.

6-Why is your fishing line curly?

The line was not attached in a correct way

  • One of the factors why the fishing line on your wheel and rod could be loose. And curled is not hooking it up in the right way in the 1st place.
  • This is often a reason that only happens if you attach the fishing line to your wheel. Suppose you get a fishing retailer to use their fancy machines to connect the cord to the wheel.
  • This will not be a problem. Thereupon, if you attached the line yourself, you would have done it wrong. There is a chance that you connected the fishing line backward.

Too much line memory

  • Another reason why your fishing line may not be straight and be all curled and twisted. It is because it has an excessive amount of memory.
  • Cord memory refers to what proportion of the shape it maintains. For instance, if you have a cord with various memories and spend a great deal of time on the spool.
  • It will maintain that curly and circular shape. When it involves having a line on your wheel, and after you cast. That circular shape because of a high memory line will show.
  • You want a type of cord with low memory to help it straighten once it comes off the reel.

The cord is too old

  • When it involves loose and curled lines, you may have one setback because the cord is too old. Some types of cord tend to absorb plenty of water. That loosens them up.
  • Making them less tight and causing them to curl. On that very same note, all cord contains a specific amount of memory.
  • Even the most effective fishing line types can keep specific shapes when they have been in use for too long.
  • Suppose you have been utilizing the same fishing line over and all over again for weeks or months. While not changing it, it is most likely the reason why the cord is loose and curly.

Adjusting the drag system too low

  • Another reason your cord can be too loose. And end up all curled is that the pulling mechanism on your wheel is not set high enough.
  • If you did not already know, the pulling mechanism stops the cord from coming out of the spool once a fish pulls on it.
  • For instance, if you have got the pulling mechanism set to 15 pounds. A fish can need to apply 15 pounds of opposing force to disengage the drag system. So, grabbing the cord off the reel.

7-How to switch the handle on a Penn spinfisher reel?

  • Adjusting a fishing reel from right to left-handed is easy and straightforward. Follow these fast steps to get the most effective results.
  • Look for the dirt cap on the right side of the wheel and unscrew it till you can take it away.
  • Next, unscrew the handle on the left. This could be done by turning the handle in a clockwise direction.
  • Insert the reel arm into the placement wherever the dust cap was removed. Then tighten it by turning the wheel clockwise.
  • Take the dust cap you removed and place it on the left side of the reel. Screw it into place.

Watch this video to understand the entire process.

Final verdict

In all cases, this is a good-quality reel that has been around for half a century. And can presumably still be around for ages from now.

This is a top-quality wheel that should last the typical angler living years of durable fishing if it is well cared for. 

Do not let the advertising fool you by claiming that the reel is 100% waterproof.  The finishing is a significant anodized finish.

And will keep the wheel from corrosion for several years.  If you prefer to fish live bait, you may need to glance at the live liner version of this wheel.

For the worth point, I am sure that Penn has developed a fine reel. Suitable for anyone that plans on fishing in wet saltwater conditions.

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