10 Types of Fishing Reels | The Complete Guide

Each fishing reel type has its own features and characteristics. to perfectly match different styles of fishing techniques.

There are 4 popular fishing reels among professional anglers around the world, but the fact is there are 10 types of fishing reels not only 4.

In this ultimate guide, I will tell you everything you need to know about these 10 types.

Let me start with the most popular 4 fishing reels first.

1- Spincast Fishing Reels

spincast reel

The spincast fishing reels are one of the basic designs for spins. It is an ideal choice for anglers or fishing beginners at an affordable price. Young kids or amateur anglers are the standard users of this type.

They’ve been around for a long time. but still, You won’t see them available in many places nowadays.

These fishing reels are easy to use. And suitable for inexperienced beginners because they need minimal maintenance.

Spincast fishing reels are more like spinning, apart from covering the reel and drag approach, which makes them more convenient for newcomers. Who are still immature in preventing the fishing line from getting tangled.

They are used in many fishing activities. but it is better to use them in small spaced fresh water that does not need a long fishing line.

Design and Characteristics

The spincasting reel have a metal nose cone, closed face over the reel and the fishing line. It also covers all vital parts of the fishing reel.

There is a button that controls the length and the resistance degree on the back. And auto-locks once a fish is caught. That is placed on the side of the reel or right to the handle.

Thanks to that mechanism and the locking button. You can operate with more accuracy in your performance.

Fishing line Casting

Fishing with a spin casting reel cannot be any smoother. All you need to do is to push the spool’s control button, take your swing, and release it.

Once you start releasing the controller, the line should float to that exact spot at which the tip of your pole is going to point. When you want to stop the line, press that button.

Spincast fishing reels are small and convenient for newbies. Their mechanisms are somewhat unique. There is even a knob on the back and a handle upon its reel.

If you would like to launch the yarn, keep pressing its power button. And toss the string. The string will then start to open and then stop opening as fast as the handle is pulled back.

A spincasting reel is the simplest to use and appropriate for catching in small places. And for a more extended period, they have a very comfortable casting rod to hold in hand for an extended period.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Two of the prime important advantages of using such spincast fishing reels are they easy to deploy. And unlikely to cause Fishinning line tangles.

Above all, it is the cheapest type of fishing reel available. You could indeed start picking up a spincast reel for a very nominal price.

Spin casters also have a kind of “x-factor.” Such reels are what your typical middle-aged fisherman. Or angler was using to launch his fishing career on.

But, Spincast fishing rods tend to be very small. That reduces their applications in various fields. Even when they are perfect for light freshwater fishing, you will not be able to use them for many seawater circumstances or massive fish types.

Their closed nose cone approach attempt to keep water. And dirt inside the spool, which can cause damage over time.

But, most spin casting rod types have poor construction that can last for one season. And the most important spincasters have a limited fishing line, which is not as precise as any other type of reel.

There is indeed a lot of friction during most of the casting generated by the closed spool lid. For this, you are not supposed to be using spincasting reels to throw a lure that far ahead.


The spin caster is a fast and safe reel to start your angling business. And is especially suited for attempting to catch small fish.

But, when you are more skilled. And jump your interest in fishing to an advanced rank. You would like to convert to these more advanced types of reels.

2-Baitcasting Fishing Reels

Baitcasting reels

Baitcasting fishing reels are one of the most demanded reels among experienced anglers. That is because it provides a lot of potentials due to its exceptional features and design.

It is a popular type as the most complicated type of reels because of the spool’s construction and the reel. As they are not fixed and moves while winding the fishing line. Which makes it more difficult to control.

But it is still the most required as it avoids any fishing lines twisting or tangled during winding. It allows the angler to achieve a greater winding distance with extra power.

A baitcasting reel allows fishers to catch large and heavy-weighted sorts of fish. As they depend on the lure’s weight to throw the fishing lure against the air force and intense seawater.

Design and Characteristics

The baitcasting fishing reels have a semi-closed construction. It is found on the top of the handle for extra adjustments and performance.

The baitcasting reel is next to the reel handle on top of the mechanism drag technique. With a friction spool knob and slowing drag technique. That works for adjusting the speed of releasing the fishing line.

That is a vital aspect when fishing, as it controls the distance you are throwing your line at. And prevent the line from getting out of control. And turns faster, creating what is known in the fishing world as a bird’s nest.

Baitcasting fishing reels are constructed from graphite. That results in making it more sturdy and bigger. They can throw the line, which makes the ability to wind the line quicker.

And more accurate by employing them. They are designed to catch large fishes with no problem pulling the fishing line even when the fish’s weight is added to the hook.

The baitcasting fishing reels have a unique construction. And the structure seems complicated to be hard to use by newbies, but they work for experienced fishers.

All the line is rounded on the spool, and no yarn will be found low or high anywhere, which needs more practice of throwing and pulling the fishing line with the lure or catching a heavy fish.

The baitcasting reels come in two versions.

  • Version one. Round baitcasting fishing reels: they have a large spool, which provides more chances to release many lines. If you are planning to fish at a further distance, this reel is the best choice. As it permits you to release the lure at a further distance. It is preventing any complications that may frustrate you while enjoying your fishing experience.
  • Version two. Low-profile baitcasting fishing reels: this reel is easy to use and light-weighted. It is used when you want to catch a huge variety of kinds of fishes. You do not have to worry about the fishing line getting tangled or twisting during your fishing.

Fishing Line Casting

Baitcasting fishing reels are not designed with a line bail. As the line is cast at a straight angle. So, you need to place your thumb against the spool to stop releasing the fishing line when required.

By first, you let go of the line at the point you want. And place your finger at the middle of the throwing if you want to for more accurate casts. Once your lure hits the spot, you aimed at, push the clip to lock the fishing line.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Baitcasting fishing reels are designed to withstand heavy fishing lines. And provide a lot of dragging power. Making them more compatible with catching large species of fish.

It is defined as offering the most convenient, powerful reels available. As they permit you to sense the fishing line as you wide it out, so you can know when you need to stop.

The fishing line does not twist or tangle. The spool rotation allows you to throw at greater distances, with a more extensive line capacity accuracy than most other reels.

Baitcasting fishing reels come in a various range of sizes. You have more choices than serving best your type of expert fishing. Varying from sweater fishing to limited spaces shallow fishing.

One of the drawbacks of using a baitcast reel is that fishing with different lures weights requires many adjustments.

This means repeating the settings every time you change the lure types, which requires a little more practice every time. So it will not be the most functional if you are a newbie to fishing.

That’s why a baitcast reel is a little complicated to master than any other spinning fishing reel. Because if you do not appropriately employ them. You will end up with a tangled line during winding, known as the bird’s nest among fishers.

This problem can be solved by a little more practice on properly spilling the baitcasting rod. And understanding the parts of the reel to get the hang of utilizing it without facing any obstacles.

Baitcasting fishing reels fall on the expensive kinds of fishing reels on the market. Though they may be worth every extra cent spent on them, so all you need to consider is if they are the right choice for you.


While fishing using baitcast a baitcast reel, you will have more power to throw your lure at a greater distance. With more position accuracy,

They are the best fishing reels for experienced fishers.

This type of fishing reel is an excellent reel for fishing big sizes of fishes. As it employs a heavier fishing line. But, the main concern is that it requires a lot of adjustments due to different lures. It is not the best choice for beginners because it requires more practice.

3-Spinning Fishing Reels

Spinning reels

Spinning fishing reels with no doubt the most known available kind of Fishing reels. They are a bit more complex to use than the spincast reels, but it is far sturdier and more functional.

It is suitable for newbies and the dream of all experienced fishermen. This type of reel is straightforward to learn how to use and get its hang, even if you are a beginner in fishing.

Spinning is the second most demanded reels after spincasting reels. As it employs a bail arm, make winding your lures with excellent punctuality. The bail arm can either be released when incorporating or flipped back when pulling the line.

If you are a fishing fanatic, you should include the spinning fishing reels in your collection. They option excellent flexibility.

And line tangling resistance more than any other type of reels. They work for throwing your lure in saltwater as surf fishing.

Design and Construction

The spinning reel’s original name was the open-faced fishing reel because the preliminary shape for this reel was a closed faced reel.

The same as the spincasting fishing reels. But it was currently modified to an open face reel with a drag adjusting system on the top.

It is designed with a metal bail, which enables locking the fishing line, avoiding any tangling. This bail is also crucial to guide the line back onto the spool in a quick way.

The spinning fishing reels are unique. As they attach the line from the underside in the parallel lining.

The spool fixed position permits the line to roll in an easy. And freeway, while staying attached beneath the rod. For an exceptionally well-balanced winding.

Spinning fishing reels have an adjustable drag technique, which features a free spool setting. That allows pulling the catch against any currents.

Giving the fish to run, pulling the bait before locking the reel, and pull it into the trap. You need to understand that the material utilized in the construction of the spinning rod. It has a huge impact on determining the quality and price.

Modern spinning is categorized according to its brand names. With the consistency of the name model and number. Here is a simple guide to recognizing the different models.

  • From 1000 to 3500: this category is for small reels utilized with a lightweight fishing line. Aimed to catch small-sized fish.
  • 4000 to 5500: this category is for medium reels utilized with medium weight fishing lines. Ranging 8 to 7 feet rod for snapping fishing.
  • 6000 to 9500: this category is for large spinning reel size. They use various fishing line sizes to catch fish weight ranging between 8 to 15 kilograms.

There are other spinning fishing reels sizes. They are categorized as surf reel fishing or deep seawater fishing. They have a fishing line capacity from 10000 to 30000 line weight and catch up to 30 kilograms of fish.

Fishing Line Casting

 Fishing with spinning fishing reels is extremely diverse. The designed structure of spinning has a fixed spool. As the weight of the lure pulls down the line off the spool.

Thanks to the fixed spinning spool, you will not worry about stopping the line at a certain point because the fishing line will stop automatically once it reaches the bottom of the water.

Facing the reality that the winding distance. And accuracy depends on the level of the skills of the anglers. Also, the accuracy and distance of casting are affected by the power you cast with.

Yet, knowing the reel mechanism’s essential parts play a huge role in facing any sudden situations. While the fishing experience.

When fishing with a spinning fishing reel, you should unlock the bail. Then push the line against the rod with your thumb to avoid any over spooling.

Swinging your spinning rod over the head or from the side. With releasing your thumb halfway through the winding motion. And aim the top of the rod at the angle you want your bait to land.

But a common mistake that a lot of anglers make is locking the bail again after casting. And the bail auto-closes after spinning.

Which can often result in tangling your line because of missing the spool. So, when you cast your line, always make sure to place the bail back to its initial position.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The spinning reels are super simple and straightforward to cast with. And they have the most significant abilities to maintain a fishing line. It is an affordable reel, unlike the baitcasting reels.

But they are much cheaper. Which place it in the middle-priced reels between both two types of fishing reels.

One of the most highlighted advantages of spinning reels. Is that it is a multifunctional and versatile reel.

As they perform with equal capabilities with well-sized lures and lighter baits. So, it will fit any fishing style in various locations and for many species of fish.

Thanks to the thin, sturdy woven lines that provide significant pulling power. When you get the hang of that spinning reel, you will perform the most exceptional winding distances.

But, if you were not careful with using the bail handle. It can result in twisting and tangling the fishing line.

Also, another disadvantage is that it limits using it with lighter gear. That means that once you use heavier baits.


The spinning reel is an easy, reliable, and multitasks fishing reel. It is the most desirable reel among experienced fishers. And they are a suitable choice for newbies as well. They are an affordable spinning reel.

The added control to the open-faced bail can cause the line on the spool to get twisted or tangled. Also, its usage is limited to lighter lures only. As when employing heavier lures, they cannot operate as the lighter ones.

4-Fly Fishing Reels

Fly fishing reel

Fly fishing reel got that name because the bait utilized with this sort of reel is an artificial lure. That looks like a fly or a bug that weighs almost nothing.

They were crafted to catch trout fish from creeks and streams. But, now, they are applied for detecting all sorts of fish from either seawater or freshwater.

The fishing line used with the fly rod weighs more than the lure itself. It’s supposed to reach. They are more similar to a thick and sturdy slender yarn than a fishing line.

The fly fishing reel features a single fishing gear system fixed to the crank. And it is known as the most straightforward kind of fishing reel. As they are not intended for fast line pulling.

Yet, they can withstand different sizes of fishing lines. And pulling them makes them more convenient for a fly fishing reel, which depends on the angler to release and remove the line to cast.

Design and Construction

There are many similar aspects in the design of the fly reel. And as the centerpin reel. The fly reel contains a single spool that turns around the spool.

And can hold a thick line. They ensure providing durability. And high quality with effectiveness, simplicity, and long-lasting.

Typically, a fly reel is crafted without a drag system, causing the angler to control the fishing line. By placing his thumb against the spool.

They decided nowadays that it is more convenient to include a drag technique in the fly reel.

The fly fishing reel is classified under two models, depending on your goals. Either you are aiming at catching a trout. Or a salmon fish, offering a variety of reels for each fishing experience. As they are crafted to offer a faster retrieval with larger arbors.

Fly reels are manufactured in two versions, either precast or machined. They are ensuring the effectiveness of both versions with a minimal difference in their design.

Precast is heavier and does not have the longevity as machined reels.

Because machined reels are constructed from a lighter metal. And anodized aluminum, with the capability of withstanding pressure. Longer than the precast version by almost seven years and surviving saltwater.

A fly reel fishing style requires using both hands. Releasing the rod of the spool with a single hand and casting with the other.

Their purpose is to hold the shaft and pull the lure when catching a fish when running with the bait, another important aspect. The fly reel is crafted to maintain the balance of the line when fishing.

The weight of the lines used in the fly reel is classified according to kilos and pounds printed on the rod grip. Allowing you to limit your options that serve the right weight. Here is a simple weight guide:

  • 1wt-3t is used for small fish. And fishing in limited areas employing small fly baits aiming to catch stream touts.
  • 4w is used in more significant fishing areas for catching middle-sized fish.
  • 5wt-6wt used in larger lakes of fresh water. And longer cast aiming fish species like lake trout and brass.
  • 7wt-8wt used in open water with more giant flies and more extended cast. They can be employed in larger fish species. Or in seawater aiming at small-medium species.
  • 9wt-14wt used in open seawater with larger flies baits with a heavier Fishing line.

Advantages and Disadvantages

This fishing gear is crucial in balancing the shaft. Preventing the frustration resulting from releasing a lot of lines to cast.

And then pulling it all back repeatedly while fighting your catch. Yet, a large arbor reduces the releasing aspect resulting in easily and quickly switching things up.

So, many anglers assume that fly reel is only narrowed and limited to one style of fishing. But that is far from reality, as they suit fishing in both fresh and seawater.


Fly fishing reels suit best those who are beginning to try fishing. They are straightforward, affordable, and versatile. To be used in both seawater and fresh limited areas.

They include a structure that lessens the effort required in winding the rod for a good catch. Fixed at the bottom of the shaft, facilitating the winding process.

They offer a functional drag ability due to their disc drag system. Fly reels are reliable and do not cost much though having a click and pawn system.

We discussed the main types of fishing reels, and more different types of fishing reels have appeared lately. So let review these new types that can help you with your types of fishing.

5-Surf Fishing Reels

Surf fishing reels are used when the fishing conditions are harsh. The spinning and baitcasting will best suit you.

Yet, most anglers will choose a surf fishing reel to fish in such situations. As they are light and multipurpose with a more pulling rate.

Surf fishing reels are on the top of the reels list. But, they are not a long-lasting purchase. But they work with perfect accuracy of keeping the fishing lines together. And casting reel, when employed with a high-quality fishing rod.

This reel is made of high-quality stainless steel. And either graphite or anodized aluminum, which makes it corrosion resistant.

Surf reels have many advantages. They can be used by employing many fishing styles. And they are catching different fish species.

Such as brass, even if the surrounding situations are harsh. Experienced fishers can alternate between different types of fishing reel baits. Either live or artificial lures.

One of the unique features of surf reels is that it is crafted to withstand using in saltwater fishing. So it will perform best in freshwaters as well without worrying about its longevity due to its construction from sturdy material and the option of being anti-corrosion.

The parts of the reel are sealed. And it has a bail bearing to protect them from any residue of salted water. Or sand from getting into the inside parts of the reel.


You can use a wide variety of reels when fishing in harsh conditions. However, spinning reels still serves you the best.

Because it can cast at further distances with minimal effort and a more effective drag system, which is an important aspect when you are shore fishing.

6-Centerpin Fishing Reels

The name of this reel generates from the fact that it rotates around the centerpin. The rod spool is placed perpendicular to the shaft.

Allowing it to cast for further distances. One of the most distinguishing features is that it includes free spool mechanisms and an axle or centerpin.

This feature permits the line to float among the stream currents. It is creating the perfect fishing experience when employing a high-quality fishing rod type.

Moreover, its unique drag technique permits you to maintain coping with stubborn situations. When catching a big fish much faster and easier. As it will enable you to control the fish at the end of the line.

Centerpin reel types were the first reels crafted for fishing. Since centuries ago, due to its simplicity, straightforward design, and free drag system. Experienced anglers use them.


Centerpin reels are affordable. With an exceptional design and the ability to cast for longer distances. Up to 12 feet.

But still requires more practicing time to master using them. As they are as baitcasting. In complex for beginners to cast their line with precision.

However, centrepins are not that common nowadays. Their drag and free-spinning systems help in preventing any twists. Or tangling of the line.

They are an exciting challenge to the fishing experience. Either for experienced or newbie anglers.

7-Trolling Fishing Reels

Trolling reels are the most appropriate reel for catching a large species of fish. As they are very functional when fishing in intense water or offshore.

They feature a unique construction from sturdy graphite or machined aluminum material, with enormous line power and a powerful drag technique. That is structured as a multidisc drag that is straight forward to use.

A trolling reel has a dual-speed with the option to switch between two styles of fishing. Either a star or lever drag system.

It’s gonna help you in struggling to catch a robust fish species, like tuna, to see a more complex fish species from the deep sea.


A Trolling reel offer you the most effective fishing process. When employing a special trolling reel rod. Due to the large size of the reel as they are not considered traditional fishing reels. They make sure you have a successful fishing experience. When using that trolling reel.

8- Offshore Fishing Reels

Offshore reels can be categorized as baitcasting or reel spinning. As they are designed to fight large species of fish.

They suit offshore fishing conditions where alternative reels will not function due to their power And sturdy constructions.

They were traditional baitcasting ones. But recently, there are more kinds of these reels. Such as spinning reels offering high-quality materials.

That is anti-corrosion with a higher protection level. But, offshore reels may be an expensive reel. But they are worth purchasing because of their stability in challenging fishing situations.

Typically, they are listed with the surf ones since they are rust-resistant even if your fishing area does not contain much sand, which can make your reel gear ruined with rust.

These reels are specified under two types. Either offshore fishing when there is a distance between the beach and your fishing area.

That measures up to 100 miles or inshore fishing. Yet, they are better for catching more prominent species of fish. Due to its reliability, durability and sturdiness compared to other reels used.


Offshore reels are constructed from a heavy-duty drag method. That specializes them from other kinds. They are powerful reels with a capacity.

That range between holding fish weights from 20 to 50 pounds. By combining both the precision of the baitcasting and the skills of offshore reels. Result in using them more than spinning reels.

9-Ice Fishing Reel

If you are searching for a specialized fishing reel, then the ice reels are the premium choice. Yet, it is not that popular kind used by anglers. So, let us have an overview of its advantages.

For ice fishing, you need to prepare the appropriate setup, which is the most vital stage. It is small, straightforward, and affordable. It provides an outstanding experience to fish in a cold season.

Ice reels are different than typical reels since they are smaller and changeable. Experienced anglers use this sort of reels for this sort of fishing. Due to that, its structure is designed to suit that kind only.


AN ice fishing reel features a simple, compact size and smooth surface. This all suits best this kind of sports activity. Thanks to their stability and vertical leaping application.

10-Electric Fishing Reels

Electric reels are initially a kind of versatile device. They offer an exceptional opportunity for fishing. At a considerable depth with more comfort and quicker.

Since they are equipped with a separate electric drag technique that facilitates fishing in extremely intense water.

As sea fishing is becoming more popular recently, so the electric reel is demanded more. They offer a fast pulling of the line once you catch a large fish with an extraordinary power using a heavily weighted bait.

Most electric reel models vary in line capacity, dimensions. And the speed of pulling the fishing line. And the pulling power.

It is better to purchase a reliable and high-quality electric reel model from a trusted supplier and manufacturer.

By employing an electric reel, you will maintain your catch from being damaged by the lure. Thanks to the auto jigging settings and auto reset of the lure.

The memory setting of the reel record the length at which you desire to stop the line. And auto pulls it without the need to do it yourself.


Electric reels are an effective reel for fishing in deep seawater. They are made of sturdy and anti-wear materials. At the same time, the ball bearing is crafted from stainless steel. The engine from metal, and the body from anti-wear aluminum.

FAQ About Fishing Reels Types

1-How to select the right reel for you?

Now you are familiar with all types of fishing reels. You must start considering which one serves you better. And fits your types of fishing capabilities. This is a list of aspects to picking your ideal reel.

  • The level of experience: The quantity of time. You have spent practicing fishing. It should be a prime aspect in selecting the type of reel you should purchase. Newbie anglers who started trying this sport for the first time. Are better to select the spincast reel as it is simple in using, winding and maintenance. With time passing and their experience start growing. They can start shifting to the spinning reel to offer longer fishing line length and level of control.
  • Fish types: You are considering the types of fish. You are planning to catch a huge impact on your decision. When selecting the reel that suits you best forever. Setting your goals while having a reliable and sturdy reel always meets your demands. Newbies might want to take it step by step. You are moving from easy fishing in freshwater to casting reels for more extensive and more substantial fish.
  • Locations and techniques: Each type of fishing reels with its different types, including fly, spinfishing, or trolling. Yet, this aspect does not have a lot of influence on the kind of reel you are buying. However, it is best to have an idea about where you would like to catch.
  • Tackle time: Tackle sensibility, which will be like a rod, is one of the most crucial factors in selecting your new reel. Fly rods, as already suggested, need to take fly reel best. A baitcasting shaft needs to take a baitcasting reel. There are exceptions given that the reel handles to go with the rod. There’s no purpose you cannot use specific sorts of reels with unique kinds of rods.
  • types of fishing reels The professional anglers always agree that the baitcasting reels top the spincasting. And the spinning as they can handle heavily weighted lures in terms of buying a reel provides anglers lots of features to decide about. In case you plan on fishing more throughout wintry weather and autumn.

2-How to care for your fishing reel?

Whether you were fishing in salt or fresh water, cleaning your fishing reel ensures longevity and proper operation.

  • With paying more attention,  clean your reels with some soap, freshwater, and a soft sponge. To ensure that no excess water from getting inside the reel.
  • Make sure to clean the fishing line as well. And all the components of the reel to ensure washing off all the saltwater of the revolution.
  • Rinse the reel with fresh water. Without getting the whole spin under the water. So you do not soak all the parts with after, which can cause the reel to misfunction.
  • Please place it in the dry room to let it dry totally.
  • Spread a kind of lubricant all over the components of the reel to enhance its longevity.

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