Who Makes KastKing Reels?

Every pro angler must have tried at least one of the following: Kastking baitcasting reel, Kastking spinning reel, Kastking spincasting reel, Kastking trolling reel or Kastking fly fishing reel.

And if you are of those anglers, you must have asked yourself who makes KastKing reels?

You are not alone! Actually, the high quality, functionality, affordable price, and durability of a Kastking reel make anglers wanna know more about this popular manufacturer.

Kastking reels are known for their ball bearings, aluminum spool, fishing gear, and drag washers.

In this article, we will be telling you everything you need to know about KastKing Reels.

kastking reels

Who Makes KastKing Reels?

Many anglers do believe that Kastking fishing tackle products including the various fishing reel types, fishing rod types, and fishing line types are manufactured in the People’s Republic of China.

This is only half true, Kastking is a brand of Eposeidon and adventure Inc. which is an American company located in New York, with headquarters in garden city long island New York.

The majority of the Kastking fishing tackle products concept and plans are done in the United States of America.

Kastking does manufacture its fishing reel types and fishing rods in China. As a matter of fact, the most number of fishing tackle products are manufactured in China.

You are gonna be fascinated to know that majority of the fishing rods and different fishing reel types for all the brands come from a city in China called Weihai, which is located on the coast of the yellow sea.

Weihai was initially a small coastal fishing village, and now it is called the fishing tackle capital of the world.

 Kastking manufactures its fishing line products in china with other major fishing tackle brands.

But that is not the whole story! Wait till you hear how magnificent the Kastking industry is!

Kastking also manufactures spinning reel types in most parts of the Asian countries like in South Korea, but they get their Kastking reel parts from Japan.

Not only this, but Kastking manufactures its fishing tackle products in some European countries too such as Germany, where Kastking covert fishing line is made.

You will also be surprised to know that Kastking sunglass components generally are made in Italy and are designed with engineering from Switzerland.

But most of all, Kastking also produces fishing tackle products in the United States of America. for example, Kastking alone produces Kastking kast pro braided fishing line nowhere but in the USA.

So as you can see Eposeidon and its Kastking brand are multinational companies manufacturing and selling fishing tackle products worldwide.

Any angler tried KastKing Brutus Spinning Reel, KastKing Centron Spinning Reel, KastKing Royale Legend II Baitcasting Reel, KastKing Rover Round Baitcast Reel, KastKing Megatron Spinning Reel, or KastKing Spartacus Baitcaster Reel must have thought to himself

How could such a high-quality spinning reel come at such an affordable price tag? In other words,

Why are kastking products so inexpensive?

The reason why Kastking prices are considered to be low and affordable for almost every angler is their direct-to-consumer business practice because this industry does not rely on the middlemen or those who are called agents or brokers.

Kastking fishing tackle products are great value for money, mostly the highest quality and best features at cheaper prices.

Here is how Kastking offers lowest price with top quality.

Kastking’s quality and product testing have the same quality when you compare it with most other fishing tackle producers and sometimes even higher.

So you will be getting a high abrasion, durable, and high-quality fishing rod, fishing reel, or fishing line at a so affordable price.

That is the reason why you find Kastking products used by fishing sports pros and professional fishing guides.

Is kastking inexpensive compared to other top brands?

The answer is yes, the reason is that Kastking produces its products at a minimal cost and is so affordable to the consumers.

The biggest advantage for the consumers is that Kastking does not use distributors and they directly sell to the customers.

The majority of the manufacturer of consumer goods sell their products to the agent or middleman or broker while adding 20% to the cost, while Kastking is direct to the consumer.

Another benefit to the consumer is that Kastking brand does not involve any additional charges for export and import agents and freight forwarders.

One more advantage is that it does not incur any marketing or promotional expenses like magazine ads, which can cost hundreds and thousands of dollars depending on the size and frequency of the ad.

And since it is directly available to the consumers, there are no additional charges like corporate executive salaries, perks, or salesman’s incentives that are added to the consumers in the products price like the other brands.

The company maintains just-in-time supply line tactics to keep track of a steady flow of inventory coming in and keeps inventory levels optimal while keeping operating costs minimum.

One more thing Kastking fans really appreciate is that they are not available in retail or big box stores that have the costs of building rent, and air conditioning, electric bills, and a lot of employees to run the retail stores.

Just like Kastking says: “We put a fishing tackle box in your mailbox”.

In 2015 Kastking was awarded for its best innovation by ICAST, which is the international convention of allied sports fishing trades, where many of the fishing industry media and corporate buyers had voted for Kastking.

This award was given by the fishing industry for the authenticity of Kastking.

Are the Bearings Used In KastKing Reels Sealed for Saltwater Use?

To answer this question you first need to know the different types of bearings.

kastking ball bearings

Open Face Ball Bearings

No matter what is the material of these bearings, they are not suitable for saltwater spinning reels.

Stainless Steel Double Shielded Bearings

Saltwater fishing KASTKING reels have two types: shielded and sealed.

Shielded ones feature a thin metal shield covering the balls. This shield is designed to keep grit, dirt, and sand particles outside the inner parts of the bearing to some extent while keeping the bearing oil inside.

KastKing uses double-shielded stainless steel ball bearings for all its saltwater fishing reels and many freshwater reels.

 Stainless Steel Sealed Bearings

Sealed ball bearings contain rubber or some other material gasket-type shield, which completely closes off the ball section from the outside environment.

This seal is designed to keep out sand, water, grit, or dirt from getting inside the bearing while keeping the bearing lubricants inside.

The real drawback of sealed bearings is that you need to remove this seal from time to time to clean and add lube, which sometimes can damage the seal.

And, if the seal is not properly installed, the rotation of the bearing is gonna be too slow.

In fact, this type of bearings is the most expensive type, aside from ceramic ones.

So here is the answer, KastKing uses double-shielded stainless steel ball bearings for saltwater fishing, which provides their reels with high performance, durability, and ball bearings’ protection while being used for different types of fishing reels.

Because of the high cost of sealed bearings, KastKing does not use this type of bearings all the time, and they substitute it with the double-shielded bearings

 Make sure you always wash your Kastking reel, whether it is a conventional reel, fly fishing reel, bait caster with fresh water after each use. And then dry it with a clean piece of cloth.

And we recommend applying bearing from time to time for high maintenance. And make sure you never use saltwater spray, as it can corrode the fishing tackle.

FAQ about Who Makes KastKing Reels?

Where are KastKing reels sold?

It is super duper easy to find KastKing reels, fishing rods, and fishing lines both online and in local shops or chains.

You can find Kastking fishing tackle products on Cabela’s, Walmart.com, Amazon, Shimano, and Dick’s Sporting Goods. And if you are looking for more upgraded and advanced models you better check KastKing.com. where you will find the best options.

How good are KastKing reels?

Kastking reels are so good for using high-quality materials during the manufacturing process, they are famous for their functional and high-quality stainless steel ball bearings, aluminum spool, fishing gear, spool tension, and drag washers (carbon fiber drag).  

And to make their reels affordable for anyone to buy, they make a process where they do not need to reduce the costs of the material.

What is the biggest advantage of kastking reels?

One of the major benefits that Eposeidon offer is that they do not have any middleman. They directly sell their products to the consumer, where they save 30% of the average cost.

And all these savings are eventually moved to the consumers as they will get great products at a cheaper cost.

Were kastking awarded for any of their product?

Yes, Kastking has been awarded several times for their casting reel production.

They received the Best of Show Award for their innovative fishing tackle products by ICAST and fishing industry media in 2015

Not only this, but they also won industry awards from worldwide sellers such as Aliexpress and eBay.

Final thoughts

Whether for saltwater fishing, fly fishing, trout fishing, or bass fishing Kastking reels proved that they are trustworthy. That’s what made a lot of fishermen eager to know more about it.

And now we believe that you know where Kastking fishing tackle products are made, who makes them, and where to find them for sale.

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